Make Your Own Yeast

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you undoubtedly have several pounds of wheat berries stored away.  You may also have experimented with making your own wonderfully delicious bread.  The downside of long-term prepping and bread making is keeping active yeast on hand.  The average “best by” date on yeast is 2 years.  Once opened, it must be kept cool and dry. In a refrigerator, yeast can remain good for up to 4 months; in the freezer for …

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facts about honey

17 things you probably didn’t know about honey, but definitely should!

One of my favorite uses for honey is as a face cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling baby-soft, and my only complaint is that it almost always gets in my hair, no matter what. We always have at least 1 or 2 large containers of honey in the house, not only for beauty routines but mostly for cooking and eating. As I’ve researched all the facts about honey that I wanted to know, one thing stood out: it’s important to …

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holiday food storage recipes

Need More Mistletoe Time? Try These Food Storage Holiday Recipes

  Hurrah, the holidays are here! Apart from decorating the house, shopping, wrapping, school concerts, cards to send off and caroling to do, dinner still needs to be made. Whether it is just a busy night in the middle of the week or for a holiday meal, food storage can make life a bit easier. Besides, who wouldn’t like a little more time hanging out under the mistletoe? Most families have traditional dishes unique to their family culture. Look for …

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Using Butter Powder

Using Butter Powder: A Tutorial

Most food storage products purchased from food storage companies are pretty much the same all across the board. Foods like wheat and freeze-fried fruit are all very similar no matter what brand you choose to buy. Other products, and dairy products in particular, are not that way so much. They vary from company to company, and since food storage companies are changing their recipes all the time, a can of something like butter powder or dried milk that you bought four …

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Storing cookie ingredients.

A Short Guide To The Proper Storage of Cookie Ingredients

If the #1 rule to purchasing a home is, “Location, Location, Location,” then the #1 rule of food storage is, “rotation, rotation, rotation.” I mention it because some thirty-year-old brown sugar and chocolate chips recently came into my possession, and it probably would have been good if it had been rotated out a few decades ago, but no one gave a thought to storing cookie ingredients. Because I am an intrepid prepper, and also slightly reckless, I decided to make …

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Top 18 Holiday Bargains for Stocking Up

I love the holiday shopping season and seeing piles of food bargains at the grocery store. It seems they pop up earlier every year. Here in Texas at my favorite Kroger’s, I noticed holiday foods on sale before Halloween! This is the time of year when grocery stores begin prominently displaying all types of food typically used in holiday cooking and baking. I’m sure these displays have caught your attention, but have you ever looked at them through the eyes …

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celebrate during a crisis

Celebrating During a Time of Crisis

My family lived in Northern Alabama and experienced the April 2011 Tornado Outbreak. We saw one of the tornadoes from our front window. I worked clean up and recovery after the storms and the damage and loss was devastating for so many people. Even those of us that were spared direct damage still had to deal with days (and for some, weeks) of no power. So, while we of course were thankful for being spared, there could have been a …

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31 Delicious Apple Recipes for Every Day of the Month!

One of the most popular blog posts here on The Survival Mom blog is, 27 Things You Can Do With Apples. What’s funny, is that I just threw that list together on a whim, based on my own search for delicious apple recipes. Apparently, I’m not the only apple-lover out there! I love fresh apples and buy them almost weekly for snacking, but I also have plenty of dehydrated and freeze dried apples for baking and other recipes. They’re handy, …

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My secret ingredient: Buttermilk!

About two years ago, I decided to stop buying pre-made baking mixes and start making pancakes, muffins, waffles and biscuits from scratch. They tasted great, and I was glad I made the switch from store-bought to homemade. And then I discovered what buttermilk could do. I had some leftover buttermilk in my refrigerator from making Irish soda bread for St. Patrick’s Day and decided to use it to make pancakes. One bite was all it took to convince the whole family that …

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