36 Lessons Learned From Testing a 72-Hour Kit

Over the last two months, on two separate occasions, I had the opportunity to test my 72-hour kit.  Yes, these tests were intentional. Testing a 72 Hour Kit…Why? My background is one of preparedness.  In the military, we made casualty response plans, then tested those plans.  We called them “drills.”  Now, in my post-military life, I’m CERT-trained, and FEMA IS-22 certified and both deal extensively with emergency response and preparation. I’ve noticed many web sites that promote preparedness do not …

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The Simple Way To Make Bug Out Bags on a Budget

So I started a few months ago by making a list of everything I would want to put in our bug-out bags … the list went on and on. I quickly realized a simple backpack would fit enough gear to prepare us for anything we could possibly face. Likely Scenarios My focus shifted to the most likely scenarios in our area. Upon evaluating our emergency scenario possibilities, I realized there are very few scenarios that have us leaving our home. …

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The Essentials of a Well-Made Daypack

It seems like the daypack, in one form or another, has become ubiquitous in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. However, the daypack in its early form was an elementary affair. Mostly used by settlers and colonialists, Native Americans, trappers, and mountain men when the United States was young.  John Hart, author of Walking Softly in the Wilderness: The Sierra Club Guide to Backpacking, writes, The traditional daypack is simple. A tough fabric bag, …

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How to Prep Your Kids For Emergencies: Supplies

Being a parent means that your kids are the very first things you worry about. Doubly so when it comes to prepping your kids for emergency situations. Our first thoughts in any emergency are for our children; we want them to be healthy, safe, and not scared. That seems like it could be a tall order in the face of a scary emergency. READ MORE: “Are Your Kids Equipped to Handle These 7 Scary Scenarios?“ The truth is, having a child …

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Small Space prepper

Small Space Prepper Must-Haves

Many of us either live in a small space, or have run out of room in a larger space. These small space prepper must haves each help you fit more into the space you have and improve your preparedness. While none of these will break the bank, they were chosen for quality, not based on which one was cheapest. Cost was, of course, considered, but it was tertiary after quality and size. Any of these should last, and last, and last. …

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The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife is handy and recommended by The Survival Mom. |

Review: Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife

Ka-Bar’s LDK or “Last Ditch Knife” is a valuable tool for anyone wanting a small, handy blade as part of their everyday carry. The LDK isn’t much larger than a credit card. But, unlike most of those gimmicky credit card knives that seem to be all the rage, this is a very good quality knife, albeit in a small package. Crafted from a single piece of 9cr18 stainless steel, it arrives razor sharp and with a wicked point. Personally, while I …

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16 Non-Traditional Containers For Your Bug Out Bag/Emergency Kit

When it comes to selecting a bag for an emergency kit, many of us veer in the direction of tactical looking backpacks, or any type of backpack at all. And, it’s no wonder. A good backpack will have multiple pockets and pouches to help organize your gear and supplies, they can be carried on your back, leaving hands free, but they aren’t always the right solution for every scenario. Here are a few non-traditional containers for your bug out bag …

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5 Steps in Packing an Emergency Kit

Coming up with a list of items for packing an emergency kit is the easy part. Books, websites, blogs, and YouTube videos abound with that information. My own lists can be found here and in Chapter11 of my book. What’s a little trickier is packing all that stuff in a way that makes sense, so that each item can be found when needed. My daughter and I packed her emergency kit a couple of weeks ago using an excellent bag …

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