cloth diapers

Down and Dirty With Cloth Diapers

In discussions of infant-centered emergency preparedness, the topic of cloth diapers inevitably gets brought up. “They’re good for 72 hour kits because you can reuse them,” is what I hear most often. “So good for when the SHTF,” is another one. There’s just one problem – I’ve noticed that the people gushing about the emergency preparedness applications of cloth diapers don’t actually use them, themselves. This creates the false impression that one could simply go out, buy some diapers to …

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Bases Covered for Baby Preparedness

If you are preparedness minded and a new parent, chances are you have already provided your infant with a 72 hour kit, including clothes and extra blankets. In fact, you have most likely stressed over preparing for your little bundle of joy. Here are a few other preps you may not have thought of yet for baby preparedness. Medical Preparedness Whether you are snowed in or in the middle of a hurricane evacuation, the last thing you want to do is …

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