Fast & Healthy Meals in a Jar

Winter is a time that I usually spend organizing and cleaning stuff since I can’t spend a whole lot of time outdoors without turning into a human popsicle!  So one of my winter projects is usually to go through my root cellar and my food storage, rotate stuff, check quantities, check the seals on all of my canning jars to make sure they’re good, and make a list of the things that I need to restock. I want to share …

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The 6 Enemies of Food Storage

Stocking up on food gets expensive, and every frugal bone in my body shudders at the thought of anything going to waste. I try to store everything in the best possible conditions and watch out for these six enemies. Depending on your storage conditions all, some, or none of these may be a concern. Watch out for these 6 enemies of food storage 1. Heat  The longest possible shelf life is attained when food is stored somewhere between 40 degrees and …

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