Tackle Your Toughest Prepping Problems! (video)

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I love getting emails from my readers and asking questions on Facebook because it gives me insights into what your most pressing concerns are.

Over the past couple of weeks as my DO IT NOW 2020 challenge progressed, I began hearing comments like these. Let me know if any sound familiar!

  • I want to get my family participation up with my prepping.
  • I need more productive ways to get organized.
  • I need help with breaking down getting prepared into steps that aren’t overwhelming.
  • I need to see where the gaps are in my preps.
  • I need to know where to start.
  • I used to prep a lot but then life happened and I haven’t recovered since.
  • I have a lot of preps but wonder if I have everything I need, and if so could I find it and easily access it.

In the 5-day challenge which has now ended, I didn’t have time to teach strategies to help with these challenges, but in this 1-hour video, I do!

Here, you’ll learn how to apply my strategies of a 3-List System to not only stay on track but manage your budget so your focus isn’t only on buying, buying, and more buying! (That is NOT the answer to being well-prepared.) I’ll also show you how to use my 6 S’s template to check your preps for gaps, cover the basics if you’re just starting out, and even how to use this template as an advanced prepper who wants to find ways to dig deeper and make sure you’re prepared for more extreme scenarios.

What is Survival Mom Sisterhood all about?

I packed a lot of info in this training, but I also share with you how to become a member of Survival Mom Sisterhood. Since registration closes on Tuesday night, February 3, you’ll have to act fast, but all the details are in this video starting around the 32-minute mark. I answer ALL your questions about this private online survival training membership at SurvivalMomSisterhood.com

Here’s what some of our SMS members have to say:

“Following the mini-challenges and lessons at my own speed has brought me to a much higher level of preparedness than I was a year ago. And on my own, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it here.”  ~Kathy

“SMS and Lisa helped me organize for emergencies, even ones I hadn’t thought to prepare for. It has helped me to not be overwhelmed.” ~Margie

When I read feedback like this, I know for certain that Survival Mom Sisterhood has a proven track record to provide survival training, a community of like-minded women where no one will roll their eyes when you mention prepping, and step-by-step learning so you always know what to do next.


Now, on to the webinar!

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