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Each month, the Survival Mom has an area to work on. In addition to articles, there are free mini-guides to selected topics. This is a new feature, started in January 2015, so check back for new mini-guides.

Thanks for taking this journey with us!

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Organizing & Reducing: In order to add something new to your life, you have to get rid of something else to clear the way. In most cases, that’s literally! Before you can focus your time and attention on something new, learning some time management strategies, such as a master family calendar and cleaning out cupboards and drawers, and general decluttering really needs to happen.

Mini-Guide to Organizing and Reducing

Switch from store-bought items to homemade for a healthier home. Budget-friendly, too! | via www.TheSurvivalMom.comSwitch from Store-Bought to Homemade: On my first big shopping trip for food storage, I bought loads of store-bought items for my food storage. Over time, those products either went bad (3 year-old salad dressings don’t do well over time!) or we used them up. I remember one day looking at all my 40+ jars of marinara sauce and thinking, “What will I do when all of these are gone someday?”

Even then, as a new prepper, I realized that I needed to know how to make things like marinara sauce, ketchup, crackers, and even breakfast cereals from scratch, and also have the ingredients to do so. Now, with the knowledge I’ve gained over the past seven years, I’ve added things like laundry soap, household cleaners, home remedies, soap, and lotions to that list. I mean, if I can make homemade cheese crackers, why can’t I also make homemade lip balm?

Mini-Guide to Switching from Store Bought to Homemade

Make sure to check back every now and then to see what exciting new mini-guides the Survival Mom adds!

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