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Being prepared for everyday disasters and worst case scenarios brings peace of mind, but being prepared requires learning skills and knowledge. You can do both with Survival Mom books and webinars (recorded online classes).

Emergency Evacuations: Get Out Fast When It Matters Most

Emergency Evacuations 225x303An emergency evacuation has got to be one of the scariest moments a family will face:

  • Should we leave now? How about now?
  • What should we take?
  • What will we do with the animals?
  • My autistic son is having a meltdown! How do I get him into the car?
  • Where do we go??
  • This traffic jam is 5 miles long! Is there a better route?

All of those questions and a lot more are answered and addressed in this book. Read more here and get a free download of my very best evacuation checklist.

Want to buy it right now? Follow this link, and thanks!

The Amazon Best-Selling Family Survival Manual, Survival Mom!

survival mom book

Start here! This family survival manual has everything you need to get started toward a more prepared family, home, and lifestyle. You’ll learn how to store and purify water, the basic steps for storing food, how to set up a safe room, firearms basics, and a lot more. 300+ pages more, to be exact!

My book has loads of checklists, personal survival stories, and a Family Survival Plan that you can customize for your own household. Survival Mom is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and you can request it at your local bookstore.

This book is your first stop toward peace of mind! Read more here.

Happy, Healthy & Prepared (FREE)

Happy Healthy and Prepared ebook

The Survival Mom Radio Network launched in the spring of 2012 and produced hundreds of podcasts on just about every topic imaginable with more than a dozen hosts. You can listen to these podcasts on the official Survival Mom Radio Network website, download them directly to your computer for later listening, or download them from iTunes.

A dozen network hosts contributed their best tips for healthy living, survival and preparedness, and family life to Happy, Healthy & Prepared. This book is always free on Kindle, and you can read it directly from your computer or cell phone using these instructions.


Switch From Store-Bought to Homemade (FREE)

Switch from store-bought items to homemade for a healthier home. Budget-friendly, too! | via www.TheSurvivalMom.comThis mini-guide, Switch From Store-Bought to Homemade, can help you make the transition from buying store-bought foods, cleaning and personal care products to making your own. Homemade versions are healthier and can be tweaked to your own personal preferences. This ebook contains recipes for spice mixes, homemade salad dressings, lip gloss, laundry soap, and a lot more. It’s free and you can download it at this link.




FREE Survival Mom Webinars

Learn something new, today, by watching my series of online classes, or webinars. Click on the link, wait for the webinar to load, and then start taking notes!

Home Organization 101 with expert, Taylor Flannery



Learn to Spin Your Own Yarn with expert, Beth Buck



Four Season Gardening with gardening instructor, Rick Stone



Let There Be Water — Learn all about water storage and purification with Lisa Bedford



EMP Preparedness with author, Rob Hanus



Healthy Food Storage and Living with Darren Craddock, CEO of Enerhealth Botanicals



Canning 101 with Lisa Bedford



52 Weeks to Preparedness with Tess Pennington



The Organized Pantry with Lisa Bedford



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