Smart & Stupid Things I’ve done as a Homeschooler

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I promised you that I would share some of the smartest and stupidest things I’ve done in my seven years of homeschooling, and I have.  They’re just not posted on my blog!

My friend, Patrice Lewis, has posted my list over on her blog, Rural Revolution.  You can read it there.  See, I owed her an article from a couple of months ago and had to keep my word!  I hope you enjoy my list and feel free to add your own.


1 thought on “Smart & Stupid Things I’ve done as a Homeschooler”

  1. Karen Cousins

    My son is now 20. If I had it to do over, I would not have supplied him with educational video games. It was a gateway for not ed games which he has sunk a lot of money (his) and time that I think could have been use differently. I know a lot of his friends are gamers and video games are a product of our culture. I probabaly wouldn't have had a TV set in my house either.

    With that said, there were so many more good things. He was in an evironmental competition for several years and went on to the national level with his team. Great experience. He also was involved in 4-H and reinacted the Civil War. Good luck all of you precious homeschoolers. Hang in there. It is worth it!!!!!! Karen

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