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image: clear bag containing orange carrots be vacuum sealed in a black vacuum sealer

Selecting a Vacuum Sealer: 6 Tips To Help You Pick A Good One

Vacuum sealers are terrific for food preservation and other prepping. If you’re looking to get one for the first time, upgrading, or even replacing one because you’ve worked it so hard it stopped working, then you need our tips for selecting vacuum sealers.

image: two raised bed summer gardens, one with low-growing leafy greens and a second with vegetables climbing a trellis

7 Things To Do Right Now To Get Ready For a Fabulous Summer Garden

Hold on to your hat! Spring and its warmer cousin, summer, are just around the corner. Yes, even if you’re looking out the window at piles of crystalline, white snow — believe! One day soon, the days will lengthen and your summer garden will become just as real as those freezing temperatures! Here are seven things you can do right now to get ready for your most fabulous summer garden yet!

image: blue trowel placing organic fertilizer around tomato plants

Easily Available Household Items That Make Good Organic Fertilizer

Plant food plays an essential role in prepping your garden beds for winter or gearing up for spring planting. Of course, fertilizing your garden is a good move, but those made from synthetic chemicals have many adverse side effects. Fortunately, many common household materials are also helpful as organic fertilizer.

image: man selling apples from bucket on street to

25 Ways People Earned Money During the Great Depression

In a previous career, I was a history teacher, and I’ve always loved learning about the past and gleaning whatever wisdom I can from the words and actions of others. This includes learning all I can about how people earned money during the Great Depression.

image: pile of silver coins with one ounce bar of find silver (.999) in the middle

Colloidal Silver: The Benefits, the Risks, and How to Make Your Own

Colloidal silver is an alternative medicine with a lot of controversy surrounding it. Advocates staunchly defend it; the FDA declared over-the-counter colloidal silver products unsafe. What’s a prepper to do? You and I both know that when (not if) a man-made or natural disaster occurs, it’s best to know how to take care of yourself and your family. We know help won’t be readily available. That includes health care, and during a time of shortages, you can be sure that …

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image: blue teacup on a saucer and filled with lemon ginger tea on a table near whole lemons, a jar of honey, and a branch of real ginger

How People Stayed Healthy During the Great Depression

The Great Depression years were no picnic. My grandmother lived through that era as a child and much of her mindset in later years was due to a childhood spent in near poverty. However, she always had a great attitude toward life and taught me a thing or two about how they stayed healthy during the Great Depression.

image: VW camping van

How to Live Out of Your Car: Solid Advice from People Who Made It Work

If you need knowledge, read a book. If you want to really know something, experience is the best teacher. So when it comes to living out of your car, which is one of the fastest-growing forms of homelessness, the best advice comes from people who have actually done it for more than just a week or two.