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woman learning to fish with bamboo pole holding fish on a line

Learning to Fish Using Old Boy Scout Handbooks: How Hard Is It?

I began putting my Go Bags together about two years ago. Like many new preppers, I bought some stuff I thought could be useful. One of the things I bought was a mini pocket fishing rod and reel. It really is kind of cute, but there’s no line or rig with it, and I had no idea how to use it. In any case, I tucked it away in the Go Bag just in case.   So, what is it …

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image: close up of carrots

Gardening In Late Summer and Fall

There are actually many ‘cold crops’ that prefer spring and fall temperatures. A little research may surprise you and help you see that you can do so much more with your garden than you ever thought, even when it’s chilly outside. This article helps you get started!

image: hands sewing a button on shirt

Do You Have the Skills You Need to Survive a Depression?

Do you think you have the skills to survive a Depression? Let’s face it. We may say we’re preparing for winter blizzards or freak hurricanes, but down deep, if you’re a prepper, what you’re really preparing for is a collapse of America’s economy.  It may happen within a few days, or it may be a continual downward slide over many years. Its causes may include numerous Katrina-size natural disasters, a toppling federal government, chaos on Main Street, and the odd …

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image: dutch oven cooking

A Simple Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking for Everyone

Dutch oven cooking is a versatile off-grid cooking option anyone can learn. It can function with several different fuel sources and can cook a wide variety of foods. Here’s what you need to know to be successful. Plus, recipes!

Image: hand planting saved seeds

27 Important Things You Should Know About Saving Seeds

Saving vegetable and flower seeds is an easy way to be self-reliant and grow exactly the plants you want to grow the next year. Read on to learn 27 important things you should know about saving seeds and improving your family’s food security.

image: gloved hand holding parasite in petrie dish; parasites in humans

How to Identify and Treat Parasites in Humans: A Concise Guide

Parasites are organisms that rely on other organisms for survival. They may live inside the human body or on the surface of the skin and cause illnesses and other health problems. Find out how to identify and treat common parasites, including lice and pinworms, here.