Medical skills

How to Use Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used at specific doses for specific illnesses; it’s important to have as much information as possible on medications that you plan to store, so consider purchasing a hard copy of the latest Physician’s Desk Reference. This book comes out yearly and has lots of information that just about every medicine manufactured today.  Online sources such as are also useful, but consider a hard copy for your library.  You never know when we might not have a functioning …

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Worst case scenario medical care

Reader Maureen F. emailed to me an excellent list of observations made by a medical doctor, Michael Karch, M.D., who treated victims of the 9/11 attack in New York City. He wrote a lengthy article that you can read here. This particular comment is rather chilling: “To get to Ground Zero, one has to walk thru a maze of 6-12 inch ash, paper, twisted iron, mud, junk, rubble….it looked like a tornado had hit the city.” Just in case you want …

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Medical Kit Lessons Learned

Over the last several months, I have put together a small, yet flexible, medical kit for my pack, which is also my 72-hour kit. A while back I tested my 72-hour kit and wrote about my experiences here. It took a minor family medical crisis to make me realize my kit was mostly complete when I had to remove a portion of my son’s toenail.  I had everything in my medical kit needed to removed the nail, treat the nail …

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