edible weeds

A Brief Guide To Edible Weeds

That quality which makes a plant a weed is in the eye of the beholder. Where one person might see only an overgrown flower bed, another might see the makings of a decent salad. Frank down the street is probably tearing his hair out trying to get all the nettles out of his garden, while Susan next door is not only eating them for dinner every night but has also placed an order with a fancy seed company so that …

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Mushroom cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation & Foraging

I love to hunt wild mushrooms in the summer and fall in Northwest Indiana. I usually go out in June through October for Pheasantback (Dryads Saddle), Oyster, Sheepshead (Maitake), Puffballs, Chicken of the Woods, and Boletes. I like having fresh ingredients to prepare to eat as soon as I get home. I can also sautee them and freeze them for later use.  It also gives me some exercise, sunlight, and a chance to inhale all the wonderful smells of fall …

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Persimmons: An Incredible Fruit!

Each fall, my husband and I head to property in eastern Oklahoma for a mental health break. It’s incredibly beautiful out there, and the eastern side of the state where we are is green, lush, and hilly, not dry and dusty. There are two mountain ranges nearby, the Sallisaw Mountains and the Ouachitas.  It’s the land of the Choctow Indian nation, and many tribal people live there. I’m always looking for wild edibles to forage, so on this trip I …

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how to forage

Learning the Art of Foraging

I enjoy incorporating locally foraged plants into our daily diets. It supplements, and occasionally replaces, a meal at my house. It also gives me another “tool” in my tool belt of survival skills. What piqued my interest in this subject and how did it all begin? After the bank crisis of 2007-2008, I began to think there could be a possibility that our currency wouldn’t be worth anything someday. I wanted an alternative way of providing for my family. If …

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Foraging wild asparagus

Foraging and Harvesting Wild Asparagus

Fresh asparagus is so good, and even better when its free. Right now its about $2.99 a pound at our local stores – but it’s one of natures most delicious wild (free!) edibles! In late spring in northwest Indiana, I go out and spend time foraging wild asparagus. It generally comes up in late April to early May, depending on how warm the spring has been. Sometimes its difficult to spot asparagus because it can blend in with tall grass, so …

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how to forage

Learning Foraging Skills: Find edible wild plants no matter where you live

The skill and art of foraging goes back to the days of Adam and Eve when, in the garden, they had every edible plant imaginable at their disposal. I imagine they tasted everything they saw and figured out which flavors they liked and which they didn’t. Well, foraging really hasn’t changed all that much. There are nuts, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, berries, roots, and leafy plants that are all edible and nutritious. Foraging is a skill, however, that has been long …

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Benefits of dandelions.

Dandelions: The weed you need

The dandelion is usually thought of as a pesky and annoying, yet remarkably resilient, weed. It is the arch nemesis of the landscape artist and gardener alike. The battle rages on from spring to fall with this resilient weed. Instead of attempting to eradicate them, let’s take note of the many benefits of dandelions. Apart from being a beautiful yellow and fun for kids to blow the seeds once the bloom dies, this misunderstood plant is actually beneficial in practically every …

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