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Info about colloidal silver and its benefits.

The Colloidal Silver Option for Your Best Health

I’m a registered nurse in the Midwest. I believe in traditional medicine but have become very interested in alternative medicine in case of a TEOTWAWKI event and have been learning more about colloidal silver. If a man-made or natural disaster occurs, it’s best to learn how to take care of yourself and family, especially if help won’t be readily available. I’m always thinking about the “What ifs? I became concerned with encountering Ebola patients, as were many other nurses. How could we …

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The 5-Minute Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves come in many shapes and sizes, from store-bought cast iron models to DIY projects made from tin cans. No matter the size or materials, the basic design remains the same — a small combustion chamber at the bottom and a vertical chimney that provides updraft. The idea behind a rocket stove is that it uses a relatively small amount of fuel to create high heat. So, rather than building a campfire just to heat up water for coffee, …

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How to Make Basic Soap

If you have some extra time on your hands today, try this project. Make basic soap. Making your own soap is not only fun, it also gives you complete control over what goes on your body. Instead of using harsh detergent soaps, nurture your skin’s unique elements by carefully selecting and blending oils, herbs, and essential oils. I also take a little pleasure in knowing I am not supporting a multi-billion dollar industry that makes money by telling their customers …

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DIY Survival: Make a Buddy Burner

There are many ways to heat food during an grid-down emergency.  Most of them, though, such as gas grills, rocket stoves, and camp stoves, aren’t suitable for indoor use.  This can be a problem given that many emergencies that cause the grid to go down are weather related…the type of weather where you really don’t want to be standing outside and flipping burgers on the grill. Buddy burners are a cool DIY project that give you an excellent tool for …

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DIY Solar Cookers

This is a guide to different kinds of solar cookers. I’ve worked with these fun little devices myself, on models used by NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) to help feed the poor in Africa. Solar cookers are cheap to make and need only sunlight to cook food or purify water. With all the direct sunlight Africa receives, this is a good fit. They also reduce deforestation, and the hazards that come from having wood stoves in densely populated areas. But solar cookers …

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