homemade apple pie filling in lattice work pie with slice out of it next to red and green apples

The Only Homemade Apple Pie Filling Recipe You Will Ever Need

Apples just seem to overflow here at our homestead. And thankfully so! One of my favorite memories of growing apples is the day those little red beauties are fully ripe and ready to pick. That’s the day I know my busy canning and baking season begins and my home will smell gloriously of all things apple, including homemade apple pie filling. An excellent staple to have on the pantry shelf, apples are easy to can and put up, and best of …

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3 Ways to Preserve Eggs & Milk for Long-term Storage

We have an abundance of milk and eggs on our farm due to our milk cow and a flock of laying hens. Production slows a bit in winter, so I preserve eggs and milk to tide us over in the cooler months. In the summertime, though, we run two fridges just to keep up with it all! Long-term storage of milk and eggs also offers the added benefit of freeing up our second fridge for other purposes. These are some …

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Survival Mom DIY: How to Can Your Own Cherry Jam

The secret to learning any skill, whether it is knitting, sewing, making furniture, or canning, is to start small. I was canning plain fruit and making simple freezer jam long before I felt brave enough to attempt jam in canning jars. This is only my second year canning jam, but I’ve found it isn’t nearly as complicated as I had feared. After I canned a large batch of cherry pie filling, I found that I still had a large quantity …

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How to Can Applesauce

  Stocking your pantry with home canned goods is not only prudent, it’s a simple and inexpensive way to build your food storage. When you can up what is in season (at the peak of freshness, flavor and low price) you’re taking a seasonal approach to your canning. I know that in the Fall, I’m glad I know how to can applesauce! In my house, we can year round, in bulk. We can jams, condiments, soups, fruits & veggies, chili, …

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canning peaches and nectarines

How to Can Peaches and Nectarines

I’ve canned a lot of things this year that I had never tried before, cherry preserves and salsa, for starters. But sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and can a simple batch of no-frills, just-plain, regular fruit. For me, that means peaches. I love canning peaches. I was very pleased and fortunate to have received in the mail a box of peaches and nectarines, in hopes that I would wax erudite about the satisfaction one can get from …

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make pectin from apple peel

Survival Mom DIY: Make Pectin From Apple Peels

If you make a lot of jam at your house, you probably go through a lot of pectin, whether it come as a powder in a little box or in a mylar pouch as a liquid. But do you know what pectin is or where it comes from? I confess I never thought about it much until one day when I was at the grocery store in the act of purchasing about ten boxes of the stuff. The cashier made …

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Canning Weird – Moving Beyond Jams and Salsas

I think just about everyone who learns to can foods starts with water bathed strawberry jam and tomato salsas. Some then progress to vegetables and fruits, and if they are really brave, step up their game and start pressure canning meats. When I first tried canning a savory fig jam, I thought I was being pretty “wild.” But then, I really went outside my canning comfort zone and started “Canning Weird” according to my family. There’s nothing at all unusual …

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how to can cherry pie filling

How To Can Cherry Pie Filling

Can I just say how much I love cherries? They are one of my most favorite fruits. Sweet, juicy, and slightly messy. It seems like nothing is quite so good unless it stains like the Dickens. Late June and early July is cherry season in my neighborhood, but unfortunately it doesn’t last forever. We usually get a huge bumper crop and have to rush to eat, bake, or preserve our cherries before they all go bad. I am not much …

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learn how to can

Boost Your Canning Skills

It wasn’t too long ago that canning was a quaint skill relegated to the hot, humid kitchens of Grandma and Great Aunt Pauline. Somewhere in the past  few years, though, that has changed in a big way. Canning is now a hot, hot trend, in large part as a backlash to the widespread rejection of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) and a return to whole, healthier foods. Millions of Americans want to know exactly how their food is produced and packaged, …

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canning bing cherries

Build your Food Storage from Scratch: Canning Bing Cherries

Bing cherries. Everyone in the family LOVES them and they are so very simple to can up! My family eats them faster than I can put them up, and cherry season doesn’t last long, so I have to be quick! Here are my step-by-step instructions for canning bing cherries yourself Canning Bing cherries First, get out all your canning equipment, jars, extra bowls and strainer for cleaning your cherries, etc. and don’t forget a stack of kitchen towels or old washcloths–you’ll …

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