Skill of the Month Follow-Up: Send in your photos!

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By RightWingMom, Skill of the Month editor

Survival Moms Quilting Bee

image by art_es_anna

Lets see how everyones doing! Have you tried quilting for the first time this month or have you started a new quilting project? Email your photos to admin and your photos will be posted on the blog!

Whether youre an experienced quilter, increasing your skills, or a newbie just joining the Survival Moms Quilting Bee, here are a few more ideas for you. Below youll find links to supplies, patterns, and books that you may find helpful. Feel free to post links and sources you have found helpful. Theres an endless world of quilting information and ideas!


Fiskars Rotary Cutting Set


Yellow Brick Road by Alkinson Designs

This is one of my favorite patterns. I made it for my middle sister a few years ago and she absolutely loved it!

Feather Bed Charm by Black Cat Creations

My post apocalyptic project! At my sweet husbands request, Im ordering the final supplies to have this king-size quilt ready to make by hand. He loves my quilting so much, he advises on colors and patterns that he likes. It will be especially special if I have to work on it in a TEOTWAWKI environment!


Quilting for Dummies

Yes, I actually own and use this book. It is well written with clear and easy to understand instructions. It also provides several projects for beginners.

The Essential Quilter Project Book by Barbara Chainey

Any of Barbara Chaineys books are good. She is very easy to understand, provides clear instructions, and her patterns and projects are lovely. If you are concerned about cutting and piecing blocks making a quilt top, this book has a wonderful section on whole cloth quilting.

Better Homes and Gardens: Teach Yourself to Hand-Quilt

This is a simple and inexpensive how to book. It covers the basics from supplies to instructions and provides a few projects for beginners.





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