Sex after the apocalypse? When there is no birth control …

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So, you think you have everything that you need in your preps? Think about this …

After the apocalypse (or whatever scenario happens) and things settle, you might start getting comfortable with your food, water, and security. Then, you might start thinking about cuddling up together in the evenings … but wait – your birth control method is gone and it’s not like you can run to the drugstore.

Yes, there is one sure-fire way to avoid a pregnancy, but years of abstinence when you have no birth control could be very boring.

And there are potential scenarios where getting pregnant would not be ideal – radioactivity, a police state, low food supply – but even a bad economy can make couples not want to have a baby to support right then.

No Birth Control? Try Natural Family Planning

That’s where a book (Taking Charge of Your Fertility), a chart, and a basal thermometer might come in handy. Even if you choose not to learn about the science of fertility right now, having these three items among your preps gives you the chance to learn about it later.

This article is not going to go into the nitty-gritty details of how to use natural family planning (NFP), but will try to convince you to start learning about it. There are many methods out there and it’s worth finding out which one is right for you. (These include symptom-thermal, ovulation, Billings, Creighton, and Marquette.)

Here are several reasons you should start learning about natural family planning:

  1. Enjoy married life after …

This very personal reason needs no further explanation.

  1. Nothing to buy

If you were not able to refill your birth control prescription or buy any other birth control methods, you could use a NFP method instead.

  1. Learn the science of fertility

If knowledge is power, knowing the science of fertility would give you a lot of power in your own life.

  1. Practice makes perfect

It takes some time to get any NFP method down pat and the sooner you learn about it, the sooner you can feel comfortable with it.

  1. Marketable skill

Once you learn how to use one or more NFP methods, you can teach others.


Here are some links to some resources (some are religious in nature, but they have good information):

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Creighton Model

Marquette Model

Couple to Couple League

Natural Family Planning International

What do you think? Are you convinced that it is worth learning about natural family planning now, while you still have other (back-up) options available?

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5 thoughts on “Sex after the apocalypse? When there is no birth control …”

  1. I am alive because my Daddy forgot that there were only 28 days in February! He hit Mom’s fertility time and I was born in early December!!

  2. I used the method taught in Taking Charge of Your Fertility for years with great success. I wanted to get off the pill, TCF was a good fit for our birth control needs. I also learned a lot about how my body works. We since have adopted a little girl; that makes a total of three children in our family. We were sure we were done having children, so we took a more permanent approach (ahem) to birth control earlier this year.

  3. My husband and I used the “rhythm method” to avoid getting pregnant before we were ready – and also to concieve our four children. It has always baffled me how little women know about their own amazing bodies. I have several girlfriends who really struggled concieving and when I spoke to them about this they had either no knowledge or wrong information about their fertility cycles. It’s totally worth knowing- even if just to marvel at your incredible body.

  4. This is an interesting survival topic! I enjoyed reading it!
    What about the implications of radioactivity causing infertility (not to mention the huge rise in infertility lately anyway due to environmental factors)? Perhaps consider stashing a year’s worth of the inexpensive packages of ovulation predictor strips so you can get more details on when you’re actually ovulating…(I have done the charting and NFP myself, but b/c of low progesterone and other issues with me, I have very erratic charts that made it REALLY hard to pinpoint ovulation (and it changed nearly every month!).B/c after all, maybe some ppl will be TRYING to get pregnant to repopulate the world! 🙂

  5. The Rhythm Method and Fertility Awareness/Natural Family Planning are not the same thing, just to clarify for commenters.

    We have used Fertility Awareness to both avoid pregnancy when we were not yet ready for another child, and to achieve pregnancy more quickly when we were. It involves observing bodily signs that indicate when you are fertile and avoiding sex at those times (or using alternatives). The bonus is not having to worry about protection when you are not in a fertile time. If you use it properly, it is very effective.

    Like all birth control methods, it has its pros and cons, but it is amazingly useful. Even if you don’t want to use it as your main source of birth control, it has a great deal of information about how women’s bodies work. It’s amazing how many of us are ignorant of this.

    It does have a learning curve to understand your body patterns and to learn how to implement fertility awareness accurately, so it’s definitely something to learn about ahead of time if possible. It’s also important for both partners to really buy into using it.

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