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I am a brand-new prepper, but love your work. I found your website, after researching from the National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers episode.
My question is because I live in Australia, all USA quarters on ebay are being sold at silver price, not face value. Do you know of any coin dealers, who are willing to sell to Australia, at coin face value plus shipping?

The Survival Mom:

I asked a friend of mine who is a coin dealer about your question, Chris Slife, and here is what he said:
“Is she asking a dealer to sell her silver coins at face value versus silver value?  If so, no dealer will sell silver coins at face value, they will ALWAYS be sold for their silver content.
Or is she meaning to say is there a dealer willing to sell and ship silver coins to Australia?  (Good question and I don’t know.  APMEX is one company that might; however, I would guess that there are some pretty high minimums that would need to be purchased.)
Based on my experience, people in the US want US silver coinage.  Foreign silver get discounted HEAVILY on both the buy and sell.  People in the US simply do not want to buy foreign silver.  I do not know if that mentality is the same in other countries.  If I were Australian, why would I not want to stockpile Australian silver coins versus US silver coins?  Personally, I would think that I would want the silver coins of my own country because they would be more recognizable to my own countryman.  Having said that, I do not know if this logic is correct or not.  I suppose that some country’s financial history is so poor that the US coins provide a nice alternative.”
One more thing, this is me talking now!, do you know when Australian coins contained mostly silver?  I did a little research on Canadian coins a while back, and there was a time, when some of them contained at least 70% silver.  Maybe a coin store in Australia could tell you what coins to look for.  It’s the SILVER that matters, and always buy the coins that have the highest percentage.  Here in the U.S., I ONLY buy the 90% coins.
Chris is right about the recognizable factor.  If there is ever a time when people are relying on these coins for purchasing, sellers won’t be willing to take questionable coins from other countries or even “silver rounds” (silver that looks like coins and actually contains 99% silver, but were never minted coins).
Good question and good luck to you!

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