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I saw you on the Glen Beck Show and felt very strongly that I should have a food storage plan. But truly, I’m overwhelmed. Need help. I noticed that the cans of food are large. How do I portion that out to rotate or is this something that is stored in big quantities? Is there a way to store in small quantities and rotate, like when I buy sugar, I usually have two in my kitchen cabinet. One I’m using and a back up. When I finish the one I’m currently using, I buy another at the store and rotate in my cupboard.


Thanks so much for the email.  With Thrive foods, most or all of them come in a variety of sizes: pouches, #2.5 cans, and the large #10 cans.  Some other brands of storage food only come in #10 cans. I usually buy the larger size cans, but really, it depends on how many people you’ll be feeding.  Your email doesn’t say.
Most foods that come in the larger cans will continue to have a long shelf life, up to a year or so, once they’re open.  The only problem I’ve ever run into is with freeze dried grapes that got very sticky when the weather here became very humid.  Otherwise, all the other cans of opened food are fine.  I use them in my everyday cooking when I need ingredients like mushrooms, bell peppers, and other produce.  Once I open a can, I write ‘OPENED’ on the lid and the date. It’s also helpful to store all the opened cans in one area, together.
It really is easy to stock up using the #10 cans, but again, if you are only going to be feeding one or two people, there’s nothing wrong with the smaller sizes.

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