From Emily


First of all, thank you for a woman’s perspective on prepping and survival, secondly I have a question for you. I am wanting to learn about emergency care, like, if someone in my family got injured in a survival situation. Do you recommend any resources for that? I’ve been looking into CNA classes… but that’s not quite fitting the bill. I’m hoping to find something very hands on and practical. Any suggestions?


First of all, with looming changes to our health care system, top-notch medical care on demand may not be as accessible as what we have been used to.  Next week I’ll be starting a series with an expert in the use of essential oils when it comes to maintaining good health and treating minor ailments, but it would be smart for all of us to take first aid classes, learn CPR, and what I’m going to suggest to Emily is this.

Take a class in wilderness first aid.  This class is designed for hunters, backpackers, and people who spend a lot of time outdoors, away from any type of help.  The class assumes that no help is nearby and may not be coming.  YOYO (You’re on your own.)  A typical class will teach you how to assess a medical situation and make the best decisions possible in your circumstances.  You learn how to use the materials available to handle injuries, hypothermia, shock, chest injuries, and a lot more.  Medical experts have recommended the class to me.

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