Show #1: Guests:  Leon Pantenburg and Patrice Lewis.  Topics:  “Doomsday Preppers”, evacuations, July Skill of the Month.  Review:  Will to Live by Les Stroud.  Sponsor:  The Berkey Guy.  Links:  Leon’s Blue Tarp Shelter.  (7/7/11)

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Show #2: Guests:  Leon Pantenburg (easy outdoor cooking tips) and Linda Dixon (Dutch oven cooking expert).  Topics: Charlomane and Prince Leonard, the year’s top stories on the blog, the Survival Mom forum.  Review:  Wise Food Storage entree.  Sponsor:  Survival-Goods.com  Links:  www.knork.com, www.justdutchit.com, Leon’s Mississippi River page (http://tinyurl.com/64edsnh), https://www.survivalcommonsense.com/2011/07/14/foil-wrapfeed/

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Show #3: Guests Leon Pantenburg (keeping kids occupied on camping trips) and Tim Pederson of Emergency Essentials. Links:  www.survivalcommonsense.com, www.emergencyessentials.com

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Show #4: Guests Tom Martin of the American Preppers Network and July Guest of the Month: Leon Pantenburg.  Topics: the prepper movement and its future and camping tips for families.  Links:  http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com/ and www.survivalcommonsense.com

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Show #5: Guests Jane DeLaney of E-Mealz.com and Greg Ellifritz, firearms expert and author of “An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power.”  Jane and I talk about the importance of family mealtime and her E-Mealz program for simple dinners on a budget.  Greg explains his research and results from studying the stopping power of various calibers of handguns.  Links:  www.e-mealz.com, http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.com/

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Show #6: Leon Pantenburg is my guest host while I’m on vacation.  Guests are Marjory Wildcraft of Backyard Food Production and Bob Mayne of Handgun World podcast.  Marjory talks about setting up a basic garden,  the challenges of growing your own food, and more.  Bob and Leon discuss types of handguns, the importance of training, and a lot more.  Links:  www.backyardfoodproduction.com, www.handgunworld.com

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Show #7: Guests are Bob Mayne of Handgun World podcast (my August Guest of the Month) and Phil Ferrante of Ecozoom.  Bob and I talk about concealed carry: who should and shouldn’t carry, when it okay to fire a gun in self-defense.  Phil discusses the ingenious design of the fuel efficient Ecozoom rocket stove.  I review the Flash Lantern and my Outrage of the Week:  the Sackets vs. the EPA, http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/mike-and-chantell-sackett-vs-the-epa-08112011.html  Links:  www.handgunworld.com,  the Flash Lantern:  http://www.bogdenoutdoorequipment.com,  coupon code for the Flash Lantern:   flash10 for a 10% discount, http://www.ecozoomstove.com/survivalmom, coupon code for the Ecozoom stove: tsm842011 (expires 9/18/11)

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Show #8: Guests are gun expert Bob Mayne of the Handgun World podcast and precious metals expert Chris Slife. Bob and I will be discussing handguns for self-defense and why shotguns are an effective choice for home defense. Chris answers listeners questions and discusses the current prices of gold and silver, when to buy, and what can be expected in the future. Also is Lisas Outrage of the Week and a review of a survival book.  Links:  http://howlingcoyotesilver.com/ , www.handgunworld.com

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