This Year Surprise Friends & Family With A Useful Prepping Gift Bundle!

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You already know the Survival Mom Prepping Calendar can help keep you on track with being prepared for the next emergency. It’s more than a calendar. It’s also a collection of more than 150 prepping tasks and simple To Do’s. Three or four of these each week.

However, have you thought of what a great gift this makes for just about anyone? Combine the beautiful wall calendar with a few of the products mentioned and recommended in those tasks and To Do’s, and you have the perfect gift.

We call it the Prepping Calendar Gift Bundle!

Calendar details…

Remember, this gorgeous wall calendar is printed on glossy, heavy-duty cardstock, with a wire binding. At 11″x 8.5″, it’s the perfect size for any room in the house, a college dorm, or office.

Plus, it comes with a fun bonus: the Survival Mom Book of the Month — survival-based books selected personally by Lisa! It’s an enjoyable way to learn how others in survival situations maintained a survival mindset, along with practical insights into their strategies.

If you love book clubs, you’re welcome to join the Survival Mom Book Club group on Facebook, where you’ll find monthly discussion questions and even live author events, all focused on the books featured in the prepping calendar.

Get the 2023 Prepping Calendar here.

Take this gift to the next level!

Now, imagine if you combine the calendar with one or more of the products mentioned within it and place them in a pretty gift basket or holiday bag! You’ve added even more value to an already useful and thoughtful gift they’ll appreciate all year long!

And we’ve provided all the links. It’s like one-stop-shopping!

So simple. So easy. So useful.

Let’s get started!

image: cover of survival mom prepping calendar gift bundle

How to Assemble Your Prepping Calender Gift Bundle

As you flip through each page of the calendar, you’ll notice Lisa’s recommendations for things like a keychain flashlight or can opener. Just choose the products you’d like to add to your gift bundle, click on the link, purchase, and you’re just about finished with holiday shopping!

We’ve organized our gift list by month according to where each item appears in the calendar, but don’t let that limit you. There are many ways you could put a bundle together. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Choose products by month

Select one item from each month, wrap it separately, and label it with the month. At the beginning of each month, they’ll open the corresponding gift. What a fun way to celebrate all year long!

Select items by need

Choose products from a prepping area in which they have a need. For example, if food storage is a concern, gift them a seed sprouter and seeds or an old cookbook for from-scratch cooking.

Choose products based on interest

What is the recipient interested in? Gardening? How about a countertop compost container?

Do they like to read? We have 12 choices for them. One for each month! This would be a great option for wrapping individually and opening monthly, but choosing one or two is good also. Each book is listed under the month in which it appears in the calendar, but for your convenience, we’ve also grouped them separately at the bottom of this article.

Products Mentioned in the 2023 Survival Mom Prepping Calendar













Books of the Month

How easy is that? Just a few clicks from the comfort of your home, and you’ve created practical, useful gifts your friends and family will thank you for all year long. Here’s that link for the prepping calendar again.

What do you think? Are the ideas flowing?

What kind of prepping calendar gift bundle will you assemble? Share in the comments!

P.S. If you’re looking for ideas for your littles and not-so-littles, check out our gift guide for kids for unique and useful gifts for girls and boys.

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