This Pet First Aid app could become man’s next best friend

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American Red Cross has long been a great resource when it comes to providing education and assistance in disasters. I knew about their First Aid and CPR classes but just discovered their Pet First Aid class and this Pet First Aid app for smartphones.

image by christopher woo
image by christopher woo

The app is 99 cents (mine cost $1.06 with tax), but I’ve been very impressed with the amount and quality of information it provides, including instructional videos.

For both dogs and cats, the app defines what is normal for their breathing, temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, capillary refill time, and mucous membrane color. There are quizzes to test your knowledge, an area to enter your own vet’s contact information and locate the nearest animal hospital, along with a detailed list of warning signs that your pet needs treatment now.

As well, you can enter each pet’s name and details about their medical history, special diet, and current medications. Having this information in one place, instead of in paper files at home, is very helpful.

I highly, highly recommend spending 99 cents for this app. It’s easy to navigate, very user friendly, and just might be your pet’s next best friend.

This video provides more details.

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  1. I just wanted to add that it will also show you the nearest pet friendly hotel if you ever need to take up shelter somewhere

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