DIY Prepper Projects you can work on this weekend

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Nov SOMThis month’s skill of the month is DIY prepper projects. While many of our skills are Do It Yourself (DIY) projects (canning, handicrafts, etc.), think more “shop class” and less “home economics” for this month’s projects. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you’ll need a band saw and full wood or metal shop. Many of these are easily done with your kids with no special tools. In fact, the DIY Buddy Burner uses things most commonly found in the kitchen junk drawer and recycling bin!

This website is for moms (and some dads, grandmas, and more). I want you to have projects you can do with your kids to help them learn a new skill or just plain learn something new. If you homeschool, you may be able to work some of these into your curriculum. If your kids go to public or private school, enjoy the chance to expand  their knowledge base!

Why DIY projects?

Because it’s just too darn easy to either waste money buying everything pre-made or to give up and not bother to do something at all. And we all now that in a disaster, neither of those is a good option. In an emergency, the broader your set of DIY skills, the more things you can handle. This isn’t just because you learn those skills. It’s because you can combine all those bits of knowledge to find novel solutions, just like McGyver did.

Resources to Get You Started:

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These DIY projects are a great way to put some new skills to use. Or, in the case of the first one, to create a space to store all that you are making with other skills, like canning!

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