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Lights Out by Ted Koppel -- Giveaway! via The Survival MomI hope you had a chance to read about Ted Koppel’s newest book, Lights Out, and maybe you’ve already purchased a copy for yourself. I have found it to be an excellent, foundational book for anyone new to the idea of a power grid failure but with a lot of new information for us EMP veterans.

For several years, thousands of experienced preppers have focused on the collapse of our power grid system, whether by EMP, cyberterrorism, or a coronal mass ejection. We’ve been frustrated that no one, from the White House on down, has seemed concerned or even aware of the vulnerability. Now that Ted Koppel is talking about it,  I have to admit that it’s quite validating. He commands a national audience and is saying, “Yes, there is a very real reason to be concerned about our power grid.”

In Lights Out, Koppel lays out, plain and simple, just how vulnerable our power grid is and, scarily, depicts a federal government that is wholly unequipped and unprepared to handle the resulting crisis.

Sharing with you some of my notes from reading the book:

  • Cyberterrorism — new style of warfare.
    • Can be launched from anywhere.
    • Virtually impossible to trace.
    • Little fear of retaliation.
  • The grid is not defended.
    • Profit is put before security.
    • Grid equipment is old, difficult to replace, and exposed.
    • Computer systems designed before threat was known.
  • Homeland Security — no plans for dealing with cyberterrorism.
  • FEMA — No plans.
    • Few seem to be truly convinced of the threat.
  • 2013 attack on San Jose substation.
    • Took less than an hour!
    • 17 transformers destroyed with AK-47s.
    • 27 days to restore equipment
    • These people knew what they were doing, had likely scouted the area in advance.
    • This could have been a dry run for something bigger.
    • Just 9 of the most critical substations would cause blackout over most of the country.
  • Opening of Cheyenne Mountain
    • Possible warning sign that military is aware of coming attack.
    • Commander of NORAD: will protect electronic gear from CME or EMP
  • Koppel has read and agrees with One Second After.

This is just 2 pages of the notes I took from this book!

I want YOU to read the book, too, so I’m giving away FIVE copies to Survival Mom readers!

It’s super easy to enter this giveaway, which runs through next Tuesday, November 10. Winners will be selected at random and notified via email. If you receive this email notification, you must respond within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited.

Good luck!

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For another perspective on this book see Sarah Anne Carter’s review of Lights Out by Ted Koppel.

27 thoughts on “LIGHTS OUT by Ted Koppel REVIEW”

  1. I think this should be a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about this subject. I want this book and I look forward to being one of the lucky winners.

  2. So happy to have found your fb page. I’ve been into preparedness for a long time, I look forward to visiting your page and learning from you.

  3. This is the thing I am worried about, but I don’t think many of my family are convinced. I would love a copy. Thanks!

  4. I would love to win this book for my husband. He is ‘supportive’ but doesn’t think something will happen like I do. I am glad he doesn’t mind that I do my thing. To be honest, to have someone like Ted K. write a book about a possible EMP event, means a lot. The concern about an EMP is what woke me up about being prepared for a rainy day.

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  6. AmericaBeautiful

    Ted Koppel —one of the media sellouts. I’d be interested to read this to see what he actually has to say on this topic.

  7. I have been concerned about this for years … the fact that Ted Koppel wrote a book about it just reinforces the reason so many of us are stockpiling ammunition and food.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful and useful things that you write. I would be honored to get this book.

  8. We lost power for a few hours this morning and I used it as an EMP drill…I would NOT have been prepared if it were a long term outage, reading these types of books really makes you think and gives ideas of various ways to prepare.

  9. Dennis Porter

    I did not see any comments for May 2017, so here is one:
    I have read Koppel’s book and Maloof’s, and Dr. Bradley’s books.
    They are all informative, what all of fail to do is to articulate the Police and Fire response to the aftermath. There has been no training or planning to by Police and Fire. I have written now 6 articles on that fact and I also sent you one of them. We are truly on our own and your readers really do need to be prepared for that.

  10. This is NOT a book about Koppel’s opinion(s) regarding the grid going down. Koppel talked to dozens of people in a position to know and 99% believe it is not a question of CAN the grid go down it is just of question of WHEN the grid WILL go down. The “experts” include politicians, military, academia, industry and others. He’s left scratching his head as to what to personally do about it. READ IT !!!!!!!!!

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