Review: Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife

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The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife is handy and recommended by The Survival Mom. | www.TheSurvivalMom.comKa-Bar’s LDK or “Last Ditch Knife” is a valuable tool for anyone wanting a small, handy blade as part of their everyday carry.

The LDK isn’t much larger than a credit card. But, unlike most of those gimmicky credit card knives that seem to be all the rage, this is a very good quality knife, albeit in a small package.

Crafted from a single piece of 9cr18 stainless steel, it arrives razor sharp and with a wicked point. Personally, while I like carbon steel in most of my knives, I prefer a stainless steel in a neck knife because, if you wear it around your neck, it will be coming into constant contact with body oils and such. Stainless steel won’t rust under those conditions.Looking for a great EDC back-up knife? We review the Ka-Bar LDK. Click To Tweet

Because it is so small, the LDK isn’t something you’d consider for a primary blade in a survival kit. But, again because of the size, it works great as an easy-to-carry backup blade. You can toss it into a side pocket in your purse, backpack, or briefcase or, as it is designed, wear it on a chain around your neck. At about 2.5 ounces, you’ll not notice the weight in the least.

The actual blade is 1 5/8” long and the entire knife is 3 5/8”. It comes with a kydex sheath. There is no clasp or snap on the sheath. The knife is secured by friction. I have no concerns about the knife slipping out accidentally as you actually have to give it a pretty good tug to remove it from the sheath. This is a good thing, of course. The last thing you want in a neck knife is for it to come sliding out and be loose inside your shirt as you walk around.

The LDK is exceptionally thin (0.078”), likely the thinnest knife you’ll own outside of your kitchen cutlery. Because of this, it isn’t a tool for prying apart things. But, even at this slim size, the knife is very strong and doesn’t feel flimsy in the least.

Now, the LDK was essentially designed to be a self-defense weapon, albeit one of absolute last resort. Personally, I’m not fond of the idea of an untrained individual using a blade for self-defense. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s all you have to work with, it is certainly better than nothing. But, I think the LDK has a lot more potential for use in small survival kits, such as the ever popular Altoids tin kits, as well as just keeping it handy for opening boxes and such. At a little more than $20 on Amazon, it is worth the small investment.

5 thoughts on “Review: Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife”

  1. I keep mine laced up in a pair of black athletic shoes. Not really noticeable. One caveat is the sheath seems designed for a left hand draw. To remedy this I laced it on the right shoe upside down so the handle points right. That way it’s with me most of time if a last ditch weapon is needed. However, the possibilities are endless for concealing a small knife like this. It’s tiny, but sharp and pointy for sure.

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  4. It is a slick knife, and I am well acquainted with the effectiveness of knives. I have studied knife techniques. Every time, however, I see a product such as this my first reaction is why not carry a backup or holdout firearm? A DA snubby revolver is easy to conceal and works at contact.

    1. The Survival Mom

      It’s not either/or, and it depends on the training one has had and what type of weapon is allowed in a given location.

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