Israeli Bandage: A Versatile Addition to Your First Aid Kit

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Israeli bandageThe Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing, sometimes referred to as the Israeli Bandage or Emergency Bandage, became available in 2000. It was invented by an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Medic for use during combat. This bandage revolutionized the way anyone, not just a combat medic trained to use this dressing, can respond effectively to bleeding caused by a traumatic hemorrhagic wound and more.


The Israeli Bandage is a highly versatile piece of medical gear you and your family should learn to use. This “battle” dressing can be used for a severe puncture, deep laceration or gunshot wound. The bandage can even act as a sling to support a limb, a wrap to bind a splint into place, a pressure dressing for certain types of head wounds, or to immobilize a broken jaw. If necessary, it can even be used as a tourniquet.


This bandage has a unique and simple design which allows the user to quickly deploy and use it during an emergency. Opening the outer and sterile inner packaging, you will find a green elasticized wrap (similar to an ace bandage) with a sterile pad on one side and a patented pressure applicator on the other; the patented closure bar is attached to the tail of the wrap. That’s it!


Used properly, the pressure applicator exerts up to 30lbs of pressure on a wound area and the bandage itself acts as a secondary dressing. The closure bar allows you to quickly secure the dressing after being enfolded around the wound. Simple inIsraeli Bandage design and function, you can use this bandage on yourself without secondary help.

To make this specialized dressing more complete, the original Israeli Bandage has product details on the front of the package and instructions on the back. This dressing comes in widths of 4”, 6’ and 12”. You can also get one with two sterile pads specific for entry and exit wounds. The 12” width version is designed for abdominal injuries.


The addition of the Israeli Bandage allows you to eliminate or reduce your inventory of certain items in your medical kit thus lowering the weight, simplifying the content and reducing the overall cost. These items include:

  1. 4×4 dressings
  2. Gauze rolls
  3. Triangular bandages

Are you serious about adding an essential piece of medical gear to your first aid kits?  Something simple enough young people in your family can learn to use. Then the Israeli Bandage will become a versatile part of your overall strategy, helping to create the most effective medical kit possible for you and your family.

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2 thoughts on “Israeli Bandage: A Versatile Addition to Your First Aid Kit”

  1. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    According to my understanding, at least in California, the “Good Samaritan” law protects a first aid giver from legal liability when acting within the scope of their training. I have never been trained in use of this device, although I have been in compression dressings generically. Is there specialized training available (at reasonable cost) in use of the Israeli bandage?

    1. The Survival Mom

      Yes, that’s true in Texas as well. I’m not sure if it’s the case in all 50 states. As far as specialized training, there are YouTube videos, but I’m not sure that basic First Aid classes address the Israeli bandage specifically.

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