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I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 9 years.


  1. Great ideas. Knowing what you use now gives a real insight to what you'll need 'then'. This applies to about everything. If you go through a quart of cooking oil a month now, chances are that's what you'll need post-disaster. Mark the date you open things and keep track, or even keep a log on paper.
    I buy the giant tub of laundry detergent at Sams Club and mark the date I begin using it. It lasts an average of 6mo. so I know I need two to be a year's stash. If you eat a can of peaches a week, you'll need 52 for a year. If you eat a packet of instant oatmeal a day, you'll need 365 packets. (and the fruit to go with it.)

    • Barbra, great tip. Just a reminder for busy folks who eat out alot, or at work, school, etc. If you don't cook alot at home now in an emergency where you are preparing all of your own meals at home for your family, you may need alot more then you think. If you buy bread, milk, etc. every week.

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