If you have a really green thumb, this at-home business concept might work for you

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Garden62712(1)Once again I am trying to revive a garden that was once the source of so much hope back, oh, 8 or 9 weeks ago. June is usually the hottest month of the year  here in Phoenix, and once again I went out of town just when a major heat wave hit the city, and my poor garden suffer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, squash, and everybody else out there in the side yard garden will forgive me for not providing some shade and more water and start producing!

At any rate, I recently visited an urban farm here in the area and was really impressed by their success as gardeners and their ingenuity. Their front yard is filled with massive, beautiful gardens and in their backyard they have both chickens and goats.

What was most impressive, though, was what they’ve done with their harvests. They run a small produce delivery business that offers organically grown heirloom fruit and veggies, fresh eggs and herbs, and, I believe, goat milk. Subscribers pay up front for the weekly delivery of these foods right to their front doors.

This small business markets their products to more upscale urban/suburban customers who seem quite happy with this modernized version of the milk/eggs delivery from decades ago. Also, as news of GMO foods and unhealthy/unethical practices of animal farming continue to make the news, more and more people want these fresh alternatives but few actually have the time, space, and, in my case, the skills and/or luck to grow their own. So, the choice is either making time to go to a farmer’s market or pay much higher prices at gourmet/high end grocery stores.

It’s no wonder that this mom-and-pop business is thriving.

This business concept might work very well for you if you have:

  • the ability and space to grow a large amount of produce
  • a fairly large population nearby with customers likely to want and be able to afford this service
  • good customer relation skills and a bit of salesmanship as well
  • reliable transportation
  • a bit of know-how when it comes to marketing your business

I noticed that the owner of this farm/delivery service has a very friendly relationship with each customer, caters to their special requests whenever possible, and produces what she promises in terms of excellent, fresh food.

Have a green thumb and more produce than you know what to do with? Maybe this could work for you!


7 thoughts on “If you have a really green thumb, this at-home business concept might work for you”

  1. No offense intended, but if your goal is survival, the first step is to move somewhere arable. Choosing to live in the desert and then complaining about the climate is rather silly. Being able to provide sufficient water for your family and your garden after the SHTF seems dubious in the desert. There are plenty of places in the U.S. with wonderfully arable land and low cost of living, some probably even in Arizona closer to the mountains. All of Appalachia would be very inviting to preppers. Where you live is probably the foundational decision of any prepping plan.

    1. thesurvivalmom

      I’m not complaining about the climate, Tom. In fact, Phoenix has a year round growing season. You’re right about there being land with a more reliable supply of water.

  2. The Reluctant Prepper

    I would love to do this. If I had a half acre behind the house, I would redesign the layout to promote good crop production. As it is, I have to contend with my small lot.


  3. I’ve done this before. Another idea is when I was really ill, I traded my fresh veggies to a restaurant for meals. It was great! I could garden when I felt good but then when I felt terrible I could get a good meal!

  4. I love this idea! It offers so many opportunities and different avenues for expanding the business in the future should a person desire to do so.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    The great thing about California is all of our small farmers. I live in a rural oasis sandwhiched next to large urban areas. I have an incredible choice of fresh fruits and vegatables year round. Many are retired people who purchased 2-5 acres, visited the local ag office, and now have a boutique farm. Most of them are making really good profits. Even wines, and some meats have gone the farm-to- consumer way of business. I think it is a good idea that benefits everybody; the consumer, the farmer, and even the local government. You get to know your neighbors, you know how the food was grown and treated before appearing on your table, and your money stays local. Even the grocery store down the road now publicizes the farms when they feature a local produce. (Yes, they still have stuff from half way around the world, but I take my blessings where I can find them.) It makes a community more resilient when times do go south.

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