The Basics of Precious Metals

We live in a crazy, crazy world and one that doesn’t seem ready to return to normal any time soon.  In fact, we may never see “normal” again.  We’re told to pay off debt and save money at a time when unemployment is at historic highs in many parts of the country.  On top of that, Americans are being advised to venture into the previously unknown worlds of food storage and buying silver and gold. I hope my blog and …

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13 Ways to Prepare for Hyperinflation

A mom could get whiplash trying to keep track of the widely differing opinions of financial experts.  Many claim that America is headed toward deflation, others claim a deflationary depression is on its’ way, and yet many voices are crying, “Get ready for hyperinflation!”  Hyperinflation is particularly dangerous for families because the prices of necessary goods (think fuel, energy, and food) will skyrocket, leaving little money, if any, for anything else. Most experts go into great detail explaining why hyperinflation …

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