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How to Use a Bullet Journal For Your Prepping

I don’t know about you, but I love to keep track of things using apps, lists, anything that proves itself to be handy. It takes a little time to get organized with tools like this but ultimately, it’s very worthwhile and it can save time and money with prepping. For several years, I used an app to keep track of my food storage. I loved it. I could use the app to scan the food I was putting on my …

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How I Organize My Emergency Supplies

I wish you could have seen my Survival Closet before my intrepid daughter reorganized it a few months ago. When we moved into this house back in 2014, whenever we unpacked something related to prepping, I said, “Go put it in the Survival Closet,” and that’s what everyone did without any regard to organization. If it was related to prepping, into the closet it went. As I added new preps over the years, we piled them into the closet, and …

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How Evernote Can Help Any Survival Mom Survive

My life was highly organized, neat, and tidy before I had kids. I never forgot appointments and always knew where my shoes were! Add 2 busy kids, field trips, managing a household, and suddenly my life was chaos. There’s so much to keep track of nowadays, especially for busy moms, and that’s where Evernote comes in handy. Technically, it doesn’t do anything, but rather, it’s a tool to keep your notes forever. (Ever…note. Get it?) As Evernote says, “Evernote helps you capture …

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Can Prepping & Minimalism Co-Exist? 6 Tips to Make It So!

  Last year we added a third child to our 2-bedroom, 800-ish square foot house. Once she started moving around, it felt like our space shrank dramatically. Around the same time, my parents downsized, and I inherited several pieces of family heirloom furniture. At heart, I’m a minimalist, and between these factors, my minimalist side rebelled. I wanted to get rid of everything we owned! Among other minimalist advice, I familiarized myself with Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of …

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That One Darned Project!

We all have one – a project that has been sitting there, half done, for longer than we want to admit. You may have more than one, and some may have come with the house, but there is usually one home organization project that stands out because it just annoys the beejeebers out of us that it isn’t done – or at least closer to done! – yet. In our house, it’s the basement. I really, really want to enclose …

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Organizing Your Food Storage For Portability & Cleanliness

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, and moving with a full food storage and all of the emergency preparations that go with it can be super-stressful. It’s heavy, often fairly awkward (lots of glass jars in my case), and well, there’s just so much of it. An organized pantry makes cooking out of it easy and fun. We can all agree on that – but what if you have to move it all one day? …

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51 Best Organizational Tips with Ikea and More

Full disclosure: My kids ask to go to Ikea. I have been known to take them their for a special dinner, and no, actually not a joke. My parents introduced me to it. Twenty-five years later, they are still using their Billy bookcases. Really, the whole family loves Ikea. As a result, this round-up has ended up with quite a few IKEA tips to help you stay organized in every room of the house. If you don’t have an IKEA near you, …

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My DIY Pantry Storage Solution for Small Spaces

For a while now I have needed more space to store my extra preps, especially my homemade canned goods and Thrive Life freeze dried foods. As cans and jars began piling up, I had a small basement room dubbed the “future pantry” with stacks of boxes and Mason jars. Whenever I needed something, it took forever to locate the right box, unstack everything, then restack again when I had what I needed. I even labeled the outside of the boxes, and it was …

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27 Creative Uses for Everyday Items

Everyone, especially busy moms, need shortcuts and smart tricks, now known as “hacks” to make life easier. I put these ideas together from things that have worked around my very busy household with 5 kids and a husband. I’m also a prepper and have worked on having a prepared home and family — which just adds to my To Do list! These are great! 1.  Put a wet clean sponge in a zip lock bag and keep in the freezer …

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18 Brilliant Home Organization Tips

Yes, it sounds like the title of a National Geographic documentary, delving into the plight of some animal near extinction. Is your dream of home organization near extinction? I understand. There are days you may want to be on the endangered list, hoping that someone will save you. Not only is an orderly home important for your peace of mind, but it’s also a vital component to being prepared for all types of emergencies. Many years ago our family went from …

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