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Get on the FAST TRACK with Lisa, The Survival Mom, and get your preps ready in just 3 weeks!

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Lisa's newest course, Fast Track Prepping, will help you discover how to get prepared in just 3 weeks. Start it at any time, work through it at your own pace.

The Fast Track Prepping course includes:

– Instructional video lessons taught by Lisa that provide the best strategies for getting prepped in a hurry.

– Instructions to help you identify the one, single most important emergency to prepare for.

– Budget-planning worksheets so you’ll know immediately how much you can spend on prepping without using loans or credit cards.

– Specific instructions for building a 3-week supply of emergency food.

– Instructions for stocking up on the right amount of water and household supplies.

– Tips for adding layers of security to your home and help with organizing your prepping supplies.

– A planning session to help you create a complete emergency evacuation plan, including pets and special needs loved ones. 

– A printable 67-page workbook with worksheets, checklists, and lesson summaries.

– An audio-only version of the class, ready to download to any mp3 player or your computer.

– WEEKLY PLANNERS sent via email with regular email support

– A phone app so you can access your course materials anywhere! 

Get Immediate Access to all course materials

$ 67
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  • Lifetime access
  • View lessons on your smartphone and computer
  • No-strings, Money-back guarantee

These four video lessons & workbook are available 24/7.

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Video Lesson 1: Fear, Focus, & Finances

Move beyond fear, and get laser-focused on why you're prepping and what you're prepping for with Lisa's Personal Risk Assessment. Then, Lisa helps you create a prepping budget that fits your finances so you can prep without going into debt. Printable budget worksheets guide you toward identifying exactly what you need to buy.

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Video Lesson 2: Stock up on essentials

The sneaky way to prep is by taking shortcuts that avoid overspending and panic-buying. Learn an easy way to create an emergency food menu with a shopping list, and build your 3-week supply of meals in a matter of days. With checklists and planning guides, you can quickly have everything you need for an emergency lasting 3 weeks or more.

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Video Lesson 3: Prepping your home base

Learn the top 10 reasons you should plan to hunker down in your home in almost all scenarios and the most frugal ways to create a more secure refuge. Discover the 6 enemies of food storage and how avoiding them will help your emergency food last longer, and how to keep your preps organized so when a crisis hits, you know exactly where to find what you need at that moment with zero panic.

Video Lesson 4: Your family's evacuation plan

When it's not safe to stay in your home, where can you go? What will you need, and how can you prepare if you have pets and special needs loved ones? Learn the 2 different types of evacuations and how to get out fast when you only have moments to spare and the #1 rule for packing a bug out bag. Use Lisa's Eight S's system to get your emergency supplies ready with everything you need and without excess weight or clutter. Learn how to plan evacuation routes and determine safe places to stay.

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Get this printable 67-page workbook with Lisa's exclusive tips, worksheets, and planners, and have every detail of your survival plan in writing and at your fingertips.

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Worried you won't know exactly what to do or will procrastinate taking action?

Fast Track Prepping comes with weekly planner sheets, including specific, simple tasks so you are guaranteed to make progress!

Hi! I’m Lisa, The Survival Mom!

Prepping doesn’t have to be fueled by fear, panic, and decisions you later regret. Neither should it require excessive spending and stocking up on supplies and food that aren’t a good fit for your family.

I’m the author of the best-selling family survival manual, Survival Mom, and editor of The Survival Mom blog. Nothing makes me happier than reaching out to women around the world with the message, “You don’t have to be a victim in a crisis when you have preps and plans in place!”

Join me in Fast Track Prepping and in 3 weeks be ready with the survival basics: food, water, emergency kits, and a survival plan!

Hi! I’m Lisa, The Survival Mom!

I believe that prepping is full of hope for the future and love of family. That’s why for the past 10 years I’ve been teaching women how to create strong and resilient homes and families, ready to face any type of emergency.

My newest course will empower you with training, tools, and a plan so your family is ready.

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Get on the Fast Track with The Survival Mom, and say good-bye to worry, confusion, and feeling vulnerable.

The course includes:

  • 4 video lessons taught by Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom
  • A printable workbook filled with checklists, tips, and planners to help you each step of the way
  • Lesson summaries to help you quickly grasp the most important concepts and quick tips
  • Audio-only recordings you can download to your computer and devices. Listen to the lessons while you’re on the go or working around the house
  • Weekly Planners sent to you via email to help you make steady progress
  • You’ll have Lifetime Access to the course for as long as it remains online, including all future updates.

Course Price: $67


No Strings Attached, Money Back Guarantee

It’s very important to me that you are satisfied with this course. That’s why it comes with a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. A quick email request and we’ll refund your money. You can purchase this course with peace of mind, knowing it comes with a hassle-free, money back guarantee. 

Still not convinced? Does one of these statements describe you?

When I first began prepping, I was a homeschooling mom with a home-based business on the side. I was busy! But I found that when I tackled one small project at a time, say, putting together a vehicle emergency kit, I made a lot of progress in a matter of weeks. Fast Track Prepping gives you small tasks that add up to big preps over time, AND with the phone app access you get, you can watch the videos even when you aren’t at your computer.

No home ever reaches perfection when it comes to organization, unless it’s on Pinterest or Instagram!

If you can clear out a cupboard or two or even space under a bed, you have room for 3 weeks worth of food and water! Sometimes we let “perfection” keep us stalled toward making progress on something important, like being prepared for a sudden emergency. This course will help you achieve “good enough”, and the disorganization will be there for you to work on later.

One of the biggest myths in the world of survival is that everyone must have a rural “bug out location” if they have any hope for survival. The truth is, you can create a well-prepared home and lifestyle no matter where you live. The preps you’ll be putting together in Fast Track Prepping apply to every living situation.

If you have just 3 weeks to focus on prepping basics, you’ll quickly have an emergency food supply, clean drinking water, an emergency kit ready to grab at a moment’s notice, and a plan if you ever have to evacuate. With Fast Track Prepping, you’ll get coaching emails from me to help you stay focused! Once you start taking action, I believe you’ll find it easier to continue until each prep is complete.

That’s another myth I’d like to dispel! Prepping isn’t about stockpiling expensive supplies and food. It’s about putting together simple, uncomplicated preps like rice-and-beans food storage that fit your family’s budget and lifestyle. I have never pushed expensive preps as “must-haves”, and what you’ll find in Fast Track Prepping is commonsense and budget-friendly advice.

The time to get prepped is now! Get on the Fast Track and get prepped fast!

Course Price: $67