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Creative Ways to Encourage Non-Preppers To Plan for Emergencies

Although some folks you know may be resistant to the idea of prepping, you’ve got creative and effective ways at your disposal to encourage non-preppers to take action. From focusing on the practical benefits of preparedness to making it a fun and engaging activity, there are many approaches that can be tailored to the individual and the family. By taking the time to understand the concerns and motivations of non-preppers and finding ingenious ways to address them, we can help ensure that everyone is more ready for any situation that may arise.

27 Creative Ways to Help Disaster Victims

“I have a boat and want to help.” ‘Who needs hot food?” “I’m going grocery shopping today. Who needs anything?” “Who needs help with clean up?” “I have a huge chainsaw, does anyone one need major chainsaw work?” Questions like this have become the norm on my local forum, as thousands of people in my community are seeking to find ways to help disaster victimes whose lives have been upended by Hurricane Harvey. The storm has taught our family a …

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50+ Ways to Help the Victims of Harvey (and other disasters yet to come)

Around the world people are reaching out to my beloved Texas, wanting to help. In some cases, well-meaning help comes in the way of used clothing and items that are redundant and no longer needed. The fire station by my house begged, “Please! No more food!” I’m learning first hand that in situations like this, needs are very fluid. One shelter might be desperate for adult diapers on one day and bottled water and energy bars the very next. I’ve …

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7 Ways To Succeed At Being A Charitable Prepper

Spring is in the air, summer is on the way. This is the time of year when many people begin to pack up their winter gear and spring clean their home in preparation for the summer. If you are like me, I have piles of items I do not need anymore but still have good use left. These items can be donated to help others, and there seems to be a plethora of ways and places to give to. You …

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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 3, Light Up Someone’s Holiday

Do you ever get tired of all the beautiful, sparkling lights decorating trees and homes at this time of year?  I never do.  I love watching the faces of our kids when they spy yet another home all lit up for Christmas.  We’re keeping a list, and checking it twice, of all the homes on our block that are lit up! One year every house but 2 were lit up, and it was a special treat. Most of us say …

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Get Family & Friends On Board With Prepping

Whether you are forming a small neighborhood group, a disaster preparedness club, or a prepper group there are 9 steps which will help you get started and begin the path for the success of your group. You’ll want to start with a comprehensive, but family-friendly survival manual such as this one. When you’re just starting to put a plan together, first define in what geographical area you want to organize your group. It could be a housing development, an apartment …

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Some folks don't think preppers are quite normal. Here's why...

5 Reasons Why Normal People Shy Away From the Prepper World

I don’t believe I’ve ever started an article with an apology, but before I go any further, my apologies to preppers for this headline! I’ve met hundreds of you over the past few years at expos and other events, and you are all so normal! I hope my apology is accepted! Now on to my story. Quite some time ago I recorded an episode of my podcast and included 6 lessons kids should learn from the Trayvon Martin case.  Lesson #6 was, “Be …

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Charity Prepping

Many people donate to their church or to charities year round to support a cause or help those less fortunate. Have you ever considered combining your prepping activities with charitable giving? Rotating Your Food Stock When you’ve got your shelves full of pantry foods saved for an emergency, sometimes it’s hard to keep up on proper rotation of expiring items. (Though many foods are fine passed their “expiration dates” some are not, and some people choose not to keep/eat expired foods …

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Necessary Roles In a Survival Group

Forming a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to helping one another in the event of a disaster is a great plan.  Many hands make light work and all that.  However, it is important to remember there are some key roles that need to be filled within the group.  It is certainly possible that one person can take on multiple roles.  However, if that’s the case, bear in mind that the loss of that person will result in several …

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