Cooking and Food Storage Lists

All of these are also on the large “List of Lists.” This just breaks them out to make it easier to find certain topics because it is a very large list indeed.

Cooking and Food Storage

5 Reasons Why You Should Include Freeze-Dried Meat/Chicken in Your Food Storage

7 Food Wasting Sins: Confessions from a former food waster

7 Tips for Combating Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen

My Top 9 Reasons for Dehydrating Food

10 Great Collapse-Day Recipes for the solar cooker

Top 10 Foods to NOT store

Top Ten Foods for Stocking Up

Wild Violets: 10 Ways to Put Them to Use

13 Food Storage Resolutions

10 Tips for Selecting an Emergency Food Storage Company

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Canning Your Own Meat

10 Ways to Use Cabbage

12 White-Hot Ways to Use Cast Iron Every Day

17 Things To Do With Tomatoes

The 15 Commandments of Food Storage

19 Tasty things to do with freeze dried pineapple

20+ Foods that must be repackaged and how to repackage them

23 Must-Have Kitchen Items for any Survivalist

27 Things You Can Do with Apples

28 Survival Spices and Oils or How to Avoid Tastebud Fatigue

30 Things to Do with Peaches

Alternatives to Wheat Checklist

4 thoughts on “Cooking and Food Storage Lists”

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  2. Hi Lisa, I’d like to join your Thrive Life team! I can’t imagine a better sponsor. Can you please send me a link so I know I’ll be signing with you? I’m interested in the gluten free business builder starter kit. When I followed a link in your article it took me to thrive but didn’t mention you as my sponsor.

  3. We packed 200 lbs. Of dry foods in 2000 through the LDS church. How do I know the food is safe to eat? Since there is no flour available in the stores due to Covid-19 I opened the flour but I am afraid to use it .

    1. Jan, hopefully that food has been stored in a cool, dry location over the years. Open one of the cans of flour and smell it. If it smells fresh and not rancid, it’s very likely safe to use. Try making a simple recipe with it and see what the results are. A loaf of bread made with old flour may not rise quite as high and other baked goods may not give you the results you’re used to. You can also use the flour when you bread something like chicken or pork chops before frying. If the flour smells off, then you’ll have to throw it away. Let me know how this works out for you!

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