Brrrr! Get Ready for The Polar Vortex With These Resources

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polar vortexIt’s barely November and there is already a polar vortex barreling down on us. Even if you live somewhere warm, most of the USA (except for Hawaii) gets at least somewhat cooler in the winter.

For some of us, it’s as simple as swapping flip flips for shoes that hide our toes and wearing long sleeves and long pants. Others have bigger adjustments, like much shorter days, sub-zero temperatures, and machines (like cars) that don’t like operating in weather that cold.

Even if you are prepared for winter, these posts will help you get just a little bit better prepared for cold weather.

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Home Protection: Fire Safety

Even if you aren’t living in a car, you need to read these terrific survival tips!

Get started on your emergency preparedness plan with these downloads!

Stay Warm This Winter With Canned Heat

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How to Baton Firewood

Instant Survival Tips:

Here are a few Instant Survival Tips on cold weather topics.

Triple your warmth options

Add silk long underwear to your preps

You CAN compost during winter’s chilly months!

A refrigerator for life and death scenarios

Firewood Tricks

Prepare your kids for disasters away from home

What tips do you have to share?

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