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(2/27/12) Here’s a list of Ten Items For Your Home With No Power.

(2/27/12) Jennifer of Health Training Guide wrote an article on The History and Future of Pandemics.

(2/27/12)  How much canning do you need for a full year?  Read this article and you might be surprised.

(2/27/12) Urban Organic Gardener has an article on Indoor Seed Starting Tips for Beginners.

(2/20/12) David Morris at Urban Survival Guide wrote an article entitled, “Be Your Own Bodyguard”.

(2/20/12) Australian Airlines Grounded after it runs out of money, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

(2/13/12) Root Simple gives us Reasons and Resources For Growing Your Own Grains At Home.

(2/13/12) Creek of Willow Haven Outdoor explains it’s easy to remember How To Purify Water With Household Bleach.

(2/13/12) Leon writes an interesting article for Survival Common Sense entitled Survival Kit For Blue Jeans.

(2/6/12) Mac Slavo, of SHTFplan gives us 20 Lessons From the Streets of Cairo.

(2/6/12) In our preparedness mode, we often forget about our pets. Check out Rudy Kearny’s article entitled Emergency Preparedness for Pets to help get some good information.

(2/6/12) Making homemade vanilla extract is easy to make. Here’s an easy tutorial from the What if IT is Today blog?



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(2/27/12) Rick gave us the website to download 37 Survival Documents and Handbooks.

(2/27/12) Richard sent us an interesting website giving detailed information about the shelf life of foods.  Check out Still Tasty and see for yourself.

(2/13/12) Robert sent us a You Tube video link explaining how to make a flower pot refrigerator.

(2/6/12) Lynn wrote us and let us know about her failure to get her city council to change their rules regarding raising chickens in an urban setting.  They started the Rebel Chicken blog to chronicle their underground movement. They invite you to join them on their journey.

(1/30/12) Robert sent us this video link about Emergency Response Protocols.

(1/23/12) Lynn, a long time reader, sent us the following information that could help parents of babies be more prepared for emergencies.

(1/23/12) Jennie told us about the Nuun Portable Hydration Tablets.  Click here to see their video and find out more information.


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