Book Review: A Kid’s Herb Book

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I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly combed through every gardening and alternative medicine book out there. Who has that kind of time? But Amazon recommended this book to me: A Kid’s Herb Book: For Children of All Ages. As a total newbie to the field, I’m very favorably impressed by it. Since an elderly gardener I know who grew up using herbal remedies in China also really likes it, I think it’s safe to say it’s good for a wide variety of experience levels.

For preppers, it’s great because it doesn’t just focus on popular herbs like oregano and Echinacea. The author, Lesley Tierra, tells how weeds can be useful!  There’s an entire section on the dandelion and its various uses, including uses for eczema and dandelion garlands, although it does skip Dandelion Wine.

Herbal remedies are discussed in a fun way.  For example, a recipe for chamomile tea has the heading “Temper Taming Potion”. Who wouldn’t want to check that out? (Chamomile is also good for gas.)

Of all the recipes and suggestions it gives, the one I most want to try is natural root beer. I like my soda – a lot! And mullein is the herb I’d never heard of before that I most want to try in my garden.

Reading A Kid’s Herb Book also made me realize that I need to buy gelatin capsules (they come in different sizes) in case I ever need to use them as pills. There is a recipe for a rice-based food to eat when you’re sick and you’ve lost your appetite but still need to keep up your strength.  I will definitely keep that recipe in mind, SHTF or not.

In addition to practical tips on drying herbs and dosage amounts, it includes fun activities like making herbal baths, pressed flowers, and “dream pillows” (similar to sachets). It is targeted at kids, after all, and Lesley Tierra doesn’t forget that. There are fun facts throughout the book, and the writing is accessible and, well, fun.

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  1. It gives line drawings. They aren't definitive, but they can help you rule out a lot of other things. At least you get the general idea of what they look like.

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