Survival Tips for a Tornado Disaster

I’ve always been afraid of tornadoes, even before I heard of the Wicked Witch of the West and, “Surrender Dorothy!” Tornado survival is something that took a while for me to learn. Anybody who grew up or lived near Gilbert, in Central Iowa, is familiar with the destructive, whirling wind patterns. The movie “Twister” was filmed about 40 miles away from our family farm, and all the locals can tell storm stories. One year, our neighbors lost their house to …

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My Story: Lessons from the Nashville Flood

Beginning Saturday, May 1,  2010, Nashville and surrounding counties in Tennessee received one-fourth of our yearly rainfall in about 48 hours.  Since I now view everything through survivalist eyes, I’d like to share what I observed and the lessons that were reinforced and pass along a few tips to help you survive a flood. Lesson:  Good neighbors can help prevent loss of life during a disaster. While our emergency responders were great, they couldn’t be everywhere.  The greatest good was …

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The Baby Steps, #1: Plan for a short-term emergency

“It’s an emergency!”  How many times have I heard one of my kids yell during any given week?  Sometimes it really is an emergency, but just as often, they only want me to see a new toy advertised on TV or listen to a newly discovered knock-knock joke. Knock-knock! Who’s there? Don’t you recognize me?   (groan) In real life, emergencies and emergency planning are no joke, but too often we get caught up  in the day to day busyness of our …

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28 Survival Spices & Oils, or How to Avoid Tastebud Fatigue

Whenever one of the kids is sick, I prepare the blandest possible food for them — something like unflavored oatmeal. They eat it because they’re hungry but they certainly don’t enjoy it! What would it be like to eat bland food every day? It wouldn’t be fun, and it sure wouldn’t be enjoyable! But eating bland food for a while could happen to those ill-prepared for a disaster, especially if supplies were difficult to find. And, because naturally bland foods …

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Rice and Beans With a Bam!

I have discovered a recipe that takes simple black beans and rice so far beyond boring that you might actually look forward to the day when it’s all you have left in the pantry!

Make a Garbage Bag Shelter Part of Your Survival Kit

I’m not sure how the early settlers along the Oregon Trail or the western frontier got along without duct tape, WD-40 or trash bags, but life surely would have been easier with them! Trash  bags, in particular, are included in all my survival kits. They have a multitude of uses, including being containers for picking up trash! But in an emergency, when correctly used, trash bags can prove a quick, temporary shelter from the elements. I first noticed this trash bag shelter …

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Add a Cheap, Reliable Firemaking System to Your Survival Kits

The best fire-starting system can also be the cheapest and the materials are the easiest to find at any drug or grocery store.  This Boy Scout Hot-Spark and a prescription bottle filled with cotton balls and petroleum jelly make a reliable fire starting method that is cheap enough to be placed in all survival kits. After extensive testing, my nomination for the best overall survival fire starting method is cotton balls, slathered with petroleum jelly, combined with a magnesium or …

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Not-Just-For-Alaska Earthquake Survival

by upinak, Alaskan Preppers Network There comes a time when you will feel an earthquake here in Alaska, no matter where you live. Whether in South Central, Interior, North Slope, South East or the Aleutians, you will feel them. What to do and how you survive them is all up to you.  There are two types in pseudo-geological terms to worry about, Shakers and Rollers.  The differences between both could be the reason and way to save your life. A “Shaker” …

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10 Forever Lasting Foods for your Food Storage Pantry

They say nothing lasts forever, but I beg to differ. These foods are commonly listed as being necessary components of a balanced food storage pantry, and they all have one thing in common. They last virtually forever — truly, forever foods! This list was originally compiled by Laura Moss in this article, but I’ve added my own commentary for application to long-term food storage. Sugar “Regardless of whether your sugar is white, brown or powdered, it will never spoil because …

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The Dutch Oven Survival Kit

If you’re one of those folks without power, heat, or warmth because of the recent snowstorms, you probably know that you need a cooking tool that can bake, boil, fry, and saute. And it should be able to function with a variety of heat sources since you don’t know when the electricity might come back on. My nomination for this wonder implement has been around for hundreds of years. It’s easy to find, cheap, and effective.  Go get a cast …

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