How to Choose the Best Straw Water Filter For You

We so casually turn on our faucet and expect clean water to come out. We flush our toilets, wash our hands, use water for cooking and for watering the lawn without a thought. But if there’s anything we have learned from all the disasters that have happened in our country last year, it’s that we should not take clean water for granted. It doesn’t take a big disaster to dirty our water. A few days ago, in Atlanta, they had …

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The WaterBrick: One of the Most Useful, Versatile Survival Tools, Probably Ever

Never has emergency water storage been so important to me as when Hurricane Harvey left my town flooded with 8 feet of dirty river water. In the hours and days that followed, families were scrambling for drinking water of any kind. Thankfully, our home had been spared, so we spent the following days delivering cases of water to families busily mucking out their homes. The water was gratefully received. Back at my house, we had several cases of stored water …

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How to survive a boil notice

A friend in Puerto Rico, Jennifer, tells me that her town has been on a boil notice for 5 1/2 MONTHS following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Yep, you read that right. Five and a half months. That’s almost 170 days without clean running water. She could probably teach a college course on how to survive a boil notice! Now, just think what that means to a household like yours: The water that comes out of your tap, if it does, …

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Pure Water, No Matter What: A Review of Berkey Water Filters

There is no replacement for clean, great-tasting water, is there? When my family camped across Iceland last year, drinking the local water was no problem. Icelanders know good water, since the country’s water is some of the freshest and purest in the world. It was a delight to enjoy that water and not worry about pollutants. Lately, clean water has been even more of a priority for us after Hurricane Harvey devastated our hometown. The streets were flooded with water …

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A Round-Up of Water Purifiers

Having safe water is critical for survival. Finding water can be the difference between life and death, and so can identifying if it’s safe to drink and knowing how to purify it. This book is a complete guide to water safety. How do you know if water is safe to drink? Simple. It’s only safe to drink if it’s from a tap, if it’s bottled, or you purified it. There are times when tap water isn’t potable either if the water …

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All About Water Purification: A Complete Tutorial

Having water on hand is just one part of being prepared. Knowing how to safely store, treat, filter and purify water can keep you alive. To know how much water to have on hand and how to store it, read Water Storage 101. This article reviews how to make sure water is safe to drink. You can get very, very sick from drinking contaminated water and in a survival situation, sickness can quickly become life or death scenario. You need …

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Water Storage 101

We all need water. In as little as three days without it, a person can perish. Water is a vital part of being prepared. How much do you really need? How should you store it? How often should you rotate water storage? What can you do at the last minute? Let’s explore what experts say on those topics. How much water do you need? The American Red Cross recommends that you store 1 gallon of water per person per day. …

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7 tips for finding natural water sources | via www.TheSurvivalMom.com

7 Tips for Finding Natural Sources of Water

In a wilderness survival situation, particularly one where you likely aren’t going to be found in the immediate future, locating a source of water can be critical. Sure, having the means to filter and disinfect it is important, too, but you have to find it first, right? Where to look for natural sources of water Here are a few tips on finding natural sources of water. 1.  First, if there are animals in the area, and there are almost always …

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What’s a WaPI?

You might think that untreated water must be at a rolling boil, which occurs at 212°F (100°C), for at least one minute in order to be safe to drink. Without any kind of temperature gauge, this is good advice to follow for water purification. What many people don’t know, however, is that water does not need to reach 212°F to kill off all the nasty stuff. It only needs to be pasteurized, which occurs at a significantly lower 149°F (56°C). …

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Using Water Heater Water in an Emergency

We preppers talk a lot about water storage.  Water is critical to survival and really you can’t have too much of it stored.  However, in the event of a true crisis, on top of the cases of bottled water you have squirreled away, you likely already have a fairly sizeable supply of water at your fingertips. The average water heater contains about 30 gallons of water at any given time, except perhaps right after your teenager has taken their daily …

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