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On everybody’s mind: Toilet troubles

I’ve heard parents refer to their children’s “tummy issues” as “toilet troubles”, but this article isn’t about indigestion or the stomach flu.  It’s about a question that keeps popping up either in emails or comments.  Here are two recent examples: If during a disaster a person starts running low on water, how does a person plan for a portable toilet in town? What’s the best way to deal with human waste if the grid is off? My daughter and I …

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Cleaning House TEOTWAWKI Style

If the S ever hits the fan, obviously cleaning house is not going to be your immediate concern,  survival is.  However, for continued comfort and health it is something that will need to be taken care of.  How can you keep your house and family clean in a worst case scenario? Carpets/Rugs: If your house has wall to wall carpeting and there’s no power, it’s mighty hard to vacuum with no electricity.  Using a generator can be loud,  it will …

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