Basic Prepping

image: food storage containers, bucket, vacuum sealer, mason jars, #10 cans

Food Storage Containers: Choosing the Ones That Best Fit Your Needs

Finding food storage containers that will fit your needs, your space, and your wallet can be a challenge. Regardless, there are a lot of options from which to choose. To help you find the best fit for you, the author has critiqued many of the traditional and some not-so-traditional food storage containers. Almost everything on this list is available second-hand so don’t let cost deter you initially.

image: homemade bread outside on a table made in a coleman camp oven

How To Bake No-Knead Bread In A Coleman Oven

Coleman Camp Ovens don’t require electric or gas power, just a camp stove. They fold flat so they don’t take up near the amount of storage space you’d think they would. And you can bake bread in them. Imagine the smell of a fresh-baked loaf wafting across your campsite! Here’s how to do it.

image: two drumsticks with thighs cooking in a cast iron pan

Using Cast Iron Cookware in Every Day Cooking So You’re Ready for Emergencies

With care, and perhaps even without care, cast iron cookware will last nearly forever, ensuring you can pass it down to your children or grandchildren. By using cast iron with your everyday cooking, you are not only getting more iron and fewer chemicals in your diet, but you’re also learning how to cook with time-tested cooking gear. Once you learn a few basics, you can use cast iron in your kitchen every day with great cooking results. Plus you’ll be ready for emergencies.

image: cooked ground beef in a skillet

22 Frugal Ways to Use Freeze-Dried Ground Beef

Back in early 2009, when my husband and I decided we needed to create an emergency food pantry, our first goal was stocking up on meat. We knew we could grow produce, and by that time, I knew how to dehydrate food for long-term storage. However, raising enough animals to provide meat for our growing family wasn’t possible in our suburban neighborhood. So, we ventured out to a ‘prepping expo’ and purchased our very first freeze-dried food. Most of it …

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