Baby steps

2020 Prepping Calendar: Your in-house prepping coach!

Ever wish you could have your own personal prepping coach? Someone who would tell you what to buy, what to do, what to learn, and then would hand you checklists and printables to keep you organized? In a nutshell, that’s what you get with The Survival Mom’s 2020 Prepping Calendar! Each month you’ll get a free printable for a Kit of the Month, an assigned Book of the Month that coordinates with the Survival Mom Book Club on Facebook, and …

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define your disaster

Define Your Disaster

Until I seriously became a prepper, the most likely disasters in my life involved my nail tech quitting or my husband insisting on a homemade dinner! How times have changed. Now when I think of disasters, I’m thinking more along the lines of The End of Days scenarios with an unsettling feeling they could happen now, in my lifetime. For which disaster, or disasters, should I prepare? These days of hard, uncertain times it’s a little like playing the odds. Hmmmmm, should …

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smart prepping

Seven Things I Wish I Had Known When I Began Prepping

Have you gotten bit by the prepper bug? Millions all over the world now consider themselves to be preppers, and there are handbooks, such as Survival Mom’s classic family prepping handbook, that provide step-by-step survival instructions for families. I bet you’ve spent hours on the internet searching for the ultimate solar radio, the most comprehensive food storage inventory list or maybe which water filtration system to use. We have all been there, usually late at night by the warm glow of …

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The Year I Stopped Prepping and Why I Started Again

I was the first person to become a prepper in my fairly large family. Among my husband’s family and huge extended family, he was the first prepper. As far as I know, after almost 8 years, we are still the only preppers, with one lone exception. It’s not something we talk about with anyone. Loved ones on both sides are busy with their own lives, playing computer games, dealing with office politics, and all the thousands of distractions that are a part …

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A Survival Guy’s First Steps to Preparedness

I love getting emails from readers and listeners to my radio show, and I try to answer them all.  This week I received an email from an unexpected source: a single guy!  Now, I’ve always suspected that about 25% of my readers are men, based on their comments here on the blog and from email I receive, but this email was especially meaningful.  The concept of preparedness was new to the writer, D.F., and I’ll let you read his letter …

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Understanding the Two is One, One is None Concept

We preppers love acronyms and catchphrases, don’t we? Store what you eat, eat what you store is a popular one. TEOTWAWKI stands for The End Of The World As We Know It, of course. I’m not sure why this stuff is so popular, other than it might make you feel like you’re part of the club when you learn the meaning behind those letters and sayings. One very popular catchphrase is, “Two is one, one is none.” You’ll hear this …

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The Quick Start Guide for Getting Prepared

There’s just no telling when Armageddon will occur, nor is there a date scheduled, yet, for a zombie invasion. However, all this talk lately about the debt ceiling and a looming financial apocalypse has scared a lot of people. Many of them have done very little about getting prepared and are wondering, “Is it too late?” You’ll know it’s too late when your pantry is empty, right along with grocery store shelves, no water comes from your tap, there’s no electricity, and …

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checklist for evacuations

Make an Evacuation Checklist

You wake with a start in the middle of the night. Someone is banging on your front door. A gas main has broken one block over. You have 10 minutes to get out of your house. What do you do? An up-to-date checklist for evacuations is the key. How you respond to a scary scenario depends on a wide variety of things, but comes down to one key factor: How prepared are you to leave your house? During a wildfire event several …

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The Prepper Baby Steps List Collection

Baby Step #1: Plan for a short-term emergency Baby Step #2: Prepare your vehicle Baby Step #3: Get smart about potential disasters Baby Step #4: Get home, no matter what Baby Step #5: Develop a survival mindset Moving on… Top 10 Foods for Stocking Up 13 Food  Storage Resolutions 20+ Foods that must be repackaged for long-term storage and how to repackage them 6 Quick ways to increase your survival education 10 Essential OTC medications for your emergency kit 5 …

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The Disaster Communication Hub

As you go about crafting your disaster response plans, consider adding a communication hub to the equation. The idea is to have a central person who family and friends can contact to keep abreast of developments and get messages to one another. The person chosen to be a communication hub should live outside of your own immediate area. You want this person to be outside the area likely to be affected by “your” disaster. This way, there is someone who …

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