Bethanne Kim

Bethanne is an eclectic writer who lives in the exurbs (that's what comes after the suburbs) with her husband, sons, and cats. She has been writing for The Survival Mom since 2010. You can learn more about her books, including the "Survival Skills for All Ages" series, at

A Four Seasons Emergency Plan: Autumn Survival

  September is National Preparedness Month and the perfect time to look at a few ways you can be prepared.   Preparing kids Autumn is a lovely time to go for a drive. This year, why not explore some possible Get out of Dodge (GOOD) evacuation routes for your family? You can give the kids maps to hone their map-reading skills at the same time, maybe even try using some topographical maps. When you get home, update your plans based …

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Make a School-Friendly First Aid Kit

We’ve all seen the First Aid kits you can buy at the store. Many of us have made our own. But does your child have one they can take to school without getting in trouble? My kids go to public school. Their schools, but there is no denying that public schools have a lot of crazy rules when eating a poptart into the wrong shape (a gun, in someone else’s opinion) can get a second grader suspended, even if that …

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The Nitty Gritty of Treating Lice

We recently had an outbreak of lice in our home. My youngest and I ended up with it. Luckily, we caught it early and it wasn’t extensive, but it was still unpleasant and a lot of work. Being a good Survival Mom, I was prepared with a nit comb but I didn’t really know much about treating it. All I knew is that there is a chemical-laden shampoo and tea tree oil can help. As it turns out, tea tree …

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Prepper College Student

The Well-Prepped College Student

Having the kids away from home without parents is inevitable and a source of worry for all parents. For preppers, there are even more worries because your home is likely prepared for any number of disaster scenarios. If your kid is already preparedness-minded, getting them into a prepper mode for college, or just moving out, will be easy because they share your point of view. Even kids who may think you’re daft for preparing, though, can also be prepped with …

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32 Wilderness Survival Skills for Kids

Our very popular list, 32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know and Be Able To Do ASAP, has been well received but we noticed there were important skills and pieces of knowledge that were missing. So, we went to work and created this wilderness skill set, plus a basic skill set and a mental and urban survival skill set. Kids come in all ages. Not all skills are appropriate for younger kids, in particular. Basic Wilderness Survival Skills for Kids 1. …

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32 Basic Survival Skills for Kids

Kids come in all ages and levels of maturity. Here is a list of skills that are practical and basic to survival. You’ll have to determine which skills are appropriate to teach your own children or grandchildren. Basic Survival 1. Trust your instincts 2. Develop situational awareness 3. Think ahead and always have a plan. 4. Pack own survival pack 5. Be able to run and walk a good distance; be in generally good shape 6. Dress appropriately for weather conditions …

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Staying Safe in a Crowd

Love them or hate them, large crowds cannot always be avoided and they have inherent dangers ranging from pickpockets to riots. It’s good to be prepared for those dangers and keep in mind crowd safety. You just need to use your head in order to stay ahead of the game, so to speak. Do you need it with you? Whenever you attend large crowd gatherings, the fewer belongings you have with you, the less there is to keep track of and …

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how to store charcoal

The How and Why To Storing Charcoal

It’s summer! Summer means barbecues, and barbecues mean grills. And grills need fuel. Of the potential fuels for grills, charcoal is the easiest and safest for a prepper to store long-term. Add the fact that it’s cheap, lightweight, and regularly goes on sale in the summer, and we have a real prepper winner! And the cherry on top? Unlike propane and many other fuels, you can make your own charcoal if a disaster goes on for long enough, and charcoal …

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Coping With Life-Threatening Allergies in a SHTF World

We have lived in our home for nearly a decade and I love it. I truly love my yard, but the feeling is not mutual. My yard is trying to kill me. After a lifetime of thinking of myself as allergy free, I have been proven wrong. As it turns out, oak trees, along with other things, cause me to have an extreme allergic reaction. Care to guess where I live? Yes, in the middle of a 150 acres of …

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20 Prepper Gifts under $20

20 Quality Prepper Gifts Under $20

Most preppers have so many things on their wishlist that it may seem like only those with a lot of spare money can manage it. Starting out, most of us have purchased cheaply made items, not realizing just how low-quality they really were. Imagine being in a severe emergency only to find that the gear in your bug out bag either breaks the first time you use it. That’s a nightmare scenario, for sure. You don’t have to be a victim …

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