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image: clear bag containing orange carrots be vacuum sealed in a black vacuum sealer

Selecting a Vacuum Sealer: 6 Tips To Help You Pick A Good One

Vacuum sealers are terrific for food preservation and other prepping. If you’re looking to get one for the first time, upgrading, or even replacing one because you’ve worked it so hard it stopped working, then you need our tips for selecting vacuum sealers.

image: close up of carrots

Gardening In Late Summer and Fall

Depending on where you live, the idea of planting anything new in July or August is unheard of, a waste of materials and resources. Some may even call it taboo! There are various reasons given but when you really think about it and ask yourself, “Why not?” you may realize that not many people have a very good reason. Sure, in some climates late summer is so hot that sprouts would just wither and die off but you can overcome …

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5 Reasons Why Bugging IN is Smart

I have seen many articles and posts about bugging out should some major disaster happen. These writers go on and on about having Bug Out Bags (BOBs) and heading to their Bug Out Location (BOL) to hide away until it is safe. I can imagine several reasons why having a bug out plan is a good idea but honestly, it should be a last resort. If your immediate home is not threatened, staying put and “bugging in” should be the …

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10 Myths About ‘Preppers’

Use the term “prepper” and most people’s minds will think about the “Doomsday Preppers” show on the National Geographic channel. They glance at you with a wary eye or an outright laugh and call you an extremist, or they may suddenly have an appointment they need to get to. There are extremists in every group no matter what the subject and the truth in just about all of the possibilities is that most people fall in the middle somewhere. Thanks …

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Ninja Style Food Storage: Stocking Up When Your Other Half is Against the Idea

It happens to all of us at some point: we realize the importance of preparing for emergencies, but someone close to us doesn’t. It might be a parent, a roommate, or a spouse, but the dilemma is the same. How do you stock up on food and supplies so stealthily someone you live with (who isn’t on board with prepping) doesn’t notice? As the title suggests, you can stock up without looking like a hoarder or nut job, or being …

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10 Essential OTC Medications for Your Emergency Kit

      First aid kits can be small enough to fit into your purse, or large enough to fill a big toolbox. When deciding what you should have in your first aid kit, you should include over the counter (OTC) medicines that will cover most ailments. These medicines will also be the first to disappear from the store shelves. Here are 10 OTC medicines that everyone should have in their emergency supplies, everyday carry, and bug out bags. 1.    …

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