Author name: Kris

Kris is a busy mom, wife, and teacher. She makes her little homestead on two sprawling acres in Tornado Alley with her husband and 3 children.

image: black teen with Type1 diabetes checking blood sugar levels

Adapting Prepping for Life with Type 1 Diabetes: A Mother’s Story

If you’re new to prepping or T1D, I know this is really overwhelming. Take some deep breaths and then some baby steps. Figure out what your child or grandchild needs to get through a single day, calculate, and start. Just, start. Don’t worry that you are starting with “the wrong thing.” You will need it all, eventually. Here’s how to go about it.

image: man and woman arguing about prepping with a skeptical spouse

Prepping Diplomacy: How to Avoid Conflict with a Skeptical Partner

No amount of arguing, pleading, or article-forwarding could convince my husband that a bleak future was possible. Prepping with a skeptical partner requires more out-of-the-box thinking, for sure! But little by little, I was able to do enough on my own to get us in decent shape for the most common events in our area — tornadoes extended power outages due to ice storms, and personal financial crises.