Helen Ruth

Helen Ruth Cates has been a prepping housewife since before Y2K. For several years, she homeschooled her kids at an 1800 living history museum, while she cooked from a wood stove, taught primitive life skills to the public, and ran a home-based sewing business.

Keeping Your Cool When There’s No Air Conditioning.

It was a record breaking 114 degrees in West Texas, and as luck would have it, our air conditioner broke! Pregnant, and living paycheck to paycheck, I had to find ways to cool down and QUICK! What I remember the most about that time is how my family managed to stay comfortable at night. With the fan blowing on high, we’d cover ourselves in our beds with wet bath towels. Unbelievably, we’d wake up cold. Fast forward 10 years later, …

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Creative Ways to Prepare For Power Outages

It was the second time my power went out in one day. The first time was at two in the morning when a nearby fuse or transformer blew causing a power outage. Other than the backyard solar light glowing, the entire neighborhood was cast into darkness. A few hours later, our power was restored and the bedside clock started blinking. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the house soon became alive with overhead lights, bacon on the stove, a hot …

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5 Uses for an Indoor Tent

PEST FREE During a family vacation and faced with an unexpected storm, we decided to rent a small unfurnished cabin at a state park. As soon as we had our sleeping bags spread on the floor, our pillows fluffed, and the room dark, a million feet started crawling over our faces and legs. Oh, the horror when we switched on the lights. Every conceivable, imaginable creature had crawled out of the woodwork. I had never seen so many bugs in …

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