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Brandi is passionate about her faith and family and enjoys the outdoors, reading, writing, and ministering to others.

image: young girl showing sheep in a club that teaches kids self-reliance

The Top Four Clubs that will Teach Kids Self-Reliance

Family vacations, lazy days at the pool and barbecues are what summertime is all about. Like many moms, you want to keep your children busy. Consider involving them in an organization or club that also teaches kids self-reliance. Many youth organizations are excellent introductions to basic survival and homesteading techniques. Here are brief summaries of four children’s organizations that can teach your child important skills while having fun, making friends and developing a sense of accomplishment.

image: variety of foods for purchase at market to support local farmers

9 Reasons to Support Local Farmers

Discover 9 compelling reasons to support local farmers! From fresh flavors and better nutrition to economic support, sustainability, and community connections, find out why buying from local farmers is a game-changer for your health, economy, and the environment.

Water flowing onto rocks from a natural spring into person's hands

6 Simple Tips for Developing a Natural Spring

Venturing into the woods with my late grandfather to fill up gallon jugs with water from a natural spring he found and tapped himself is one of my favorite childhood memories. I never thought much about it back then. Walking a quarter mile or so into the wooded hills to collect the family’s drinking water was just routine. A natural spring is a great backup water source. In this article, we have tips to find and tap one, plus questions to help you decide if developing one is right for you.

image: purple plum tree with green leaves espaliered on a red brick wall

How To Plan An Edible Landscape To Grow Even More Food

Your backyard can become so much more than just a patch of grass and a few tomato plants! This year, make the most out of your yard by planning an edible landscape. Every March, I am consumed with spring fever. I can barely wait to get outdoors and turn my dull and dreary yard into a fairy tale garden, lush with edible plants galore. A couple of years ago, I decided to start the long but productive process of turning my small …

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8 Classic Summer Jobs For the Industrious Teen

Whether you consider yourself a prepper, a survivalist or are simply striving to be self-sufficient, the basic building blocks for all these are responsibility and dedication. We teach young children these things through chores, extra-curricular activities, positive reinforcement and most importantly, by example. As children grow older, it is important to encourage them to be responsible and develop a life-long commitment to hard work. Let’s explore 8 classic summer jobs for industrious teens. Strict child-labor laws exist to ensure the …

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Children’s Activities That Develop Self-Reliance

Summer activities can be a fun and creative way to introduce your children to basic concepts of self-reliance and survival. These, in turn, boost self-confidence in a way that no video game or TV show ever will. In this book about wilderness survival skills, for example, kids gain competence in things that are authentic and have real-life applications. Here are a few very simple activities, most cost nothing at all, but they have an underlying purpose to encourage kids to …

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The 4-H Club teaches kids important skils. Here are a few. | via

10 4-H Projects That Will Teach Your Kids Vital, Practical Skills

Have you ever considered getting your kids involved with 4-H? You don’t have to live on a farm in order to do that, you know! As you’ll see, 4-H goes hand in hand with preparedness, survival skills, and family fun. 4-H for kids is a great replacement for too much screen time, e.g. video games, computer, TV. What seems interesting to us or important in a survivalist mode may seem a lot like hard work or cruel chores for our …

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