Beth Johnson

Beth Johnson is a lifelong gardener and Certified Master Gardener in the Northeast. She is a former Pastry Chef and restaurant cook.

seed vaults

Survival Mom DIY: Create Your Own Altoids Tin Seed Vaults!

You gotta love Altoids. The mints settle a queasy stomach and freshen even the most Dragonesque breath. They can make any beverage minty, help clear a stuffy head, and even defeat the munchies. And then there are the tins. What junk drawer would be complete without an Altoids tin (or two) full of whatnot, so why not use one or more for your own seed vaults? Long a favorite of Scouts, hikers, and others needing to travel very lightly, the …

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make your own seed vault

Survival Mom DIY: Assemble Your Own Seed Bank

When talking about preparedness, we often look to a hypothetical future: The lure of “What If …” is indeed strong  for many reasons. I think it’s useful to first take a  look back at What Already Happened… A brief history of very tough times My father grew up in farm country during the Great Depression, before Social Security, welfare or food stamps. However, they had other things, country wisdom, self-reliance, pride, and neighbors. Life was hard-scrabble enough when Grandpa Johnson was …

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If You Just Moved Here: Hurricane Preparation

A few years ago I read about a woman who moved from the Southwest to New York City, and a hurricane hit two days later. She had no idea what to do. Why would she? She was used to droughts and brush fires, not preparing for a hurricane with its devastating winds and massive levels of rainfall. If you are new to hurricane country, and you are if you live within 100 miles or so of the Atlantic and Gulf …

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10 Condiments That Make Life Better

So something really, truly bad happens. The grid has been down for a month or a deadly pandemic has us sequestered in our homes. Or you’re simply out of work for months and the savings are gone. You are living on your food storage. Hey, it’s all good! You’ve got staples like grains,beans and rice. You’ve got a wide range of canned, freeze dried, dehydrated and home-canned foods. There’s a well stocked root cellar. You’ve even got waxed cheese and …

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Make Your Own (Healthier) Salad Dressing

So you’re standing over a big wooden bowl beholding your masterpiece. This is no ordinary salad. There are roasted baby carrots from your CSA, locally sourced cheese, grilled radicchio, organic orange segments, and baby greens you grew with your own hands. Because you care about the environment, the local economy and what your family eats. Now you need some dressing. Mmmm…it’s the disodium guanylate that gives it that homemade touch…. When did salad dressing get so gross? I could go …

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The 15 Commandments of Food Storage

Who doesn’t love that bit from Mel Brooks’ History of the World ,Part 1 where Moses descends from Mt Sinai clutching three stone tablets proclaiming: “The Lord has given you these 15 ( one tablet falls, smashing into a thousand pieces on the desert floor)…Oy, um…ten! Yeah, Ten Commandments!” Ever wonder what those other five might have been? Try as I might I just couldn’t keep limit myself to only ten commandments when it comes to food storage. So if …

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