Amy VR

Amy is an Air Force Brat and an Army Wife. She learned early on that being prepared was essential since natural disasters follow her.

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Get Pandemic Ready

When someone asks me, “What are you prepping for?” my answer is that I don’t prep for one particular event because I’m an “all hazards” prepper. But I know what the real question is. “What do you think is the most likely serious “disaster” to occur?” To that, I answer without hesitation: Pandemic. While flu is the most likely source of the next pandemic we face in the United States, concerns about the Ebola virus — its unprecedented outbreak in …

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Tornado Survival: No Shelter, No Basement, No Problem

For an entire week leading up to the April 2011 storms and tornados that devastated parts of my town and Northern Alabama in general, the local weather forecasters gave us warnings. Suddenly, tornado survival became a hot topic in our household and we discussed the safest place to be during a tornado if you don’t have a basement. We were told to be ready for tornado survival because they saw the emerging weather pattern as it traveled across the country …

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Spiritual Preparedness for Preppers

When times are tough… a terrible storm has ripped through your town, your spouse has lost a job, a loved one is dying, the news is depressing or even scary… what do you do? Pray for strength? Go for a walk in the woods to be rejuvenated by nature? What is your level of spiritual preparedness? When the wildfire misses your home do you chalk it up to plain ol’ luck, or do you believe that God or The Universe …

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celebrate during a crisis

Celebrating During a Time of Crisis

My family lived in Northern Alabama and experienced the April 2011 Tornado Outbreak. We saw one of the tornadoes from our front window. I worked clean up and recovery after the storms and the damage and loss was devastating for so many people. Even those of us that were spared direct damage still had to deal with days (and for some, weeks) of no power. So, while we of course were thankful for being spared, there could have been a …

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School’s Out: What Will You Do if Disaster Strikes and You are Forced to Homeschool?

  A new school year is almost here. If your children attend school outside your home, have you ever thought about what would happen if their school was closed for an extended period of time? The most likely to occur disastrous events don’t have a long duration before order begins to be restored. Natural disasters can be devastating, but most are relatively localized and the response and recovery time is a couple of weeks to a month at the longest. Your …

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Preparedness Drills to Do with Your Kids

If your kids go to school, they have undoubtedly participated in a school fire drill. Most bus riders have gone through a bus evacuation drill out the back emergency door. Some schools are even conducting active shooter drills as preparedness drills. But have you had a fire drill in your own home? Have you talked about how and when to exit your car after an accident? Do they know what to do in case there is a shooter at the …

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food storage calories

Will Your Food Storage Lead to Starvation? Calories Count!

Food storage is a key component to your family’s preparedness plan. There are many decisions that need to be made. Which foods are best for storage? Which will my family prefer? How do I store it properly? Dehydrated Foods? Freeze Dried Foods? Every Day Pantry Foods? MREs? Buckets? Cans? Gamma Lids? UReal Meat or TVP? GMO Free? Gluten Free? I could go on and on. Ultimately, there is no RIGHT answer. Every family’s needs are different as far as what …

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Canning Weird – Moving Beyond Jams and Salsas

I think just about everyone who learns to can foods starts with water bathed strawberry jam and tomato salsas. Some then progress to vegetables and fruits, and if they are really brave, step up their game and start pressure canning meats. When I first tried canning a savory fig jam, I thought I was being pretty “wild.” But then, I really went outside my canning comfort zone and started “Canning Weird” according to my family. There’s nothing at all unusual …

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off grid Personal Hygiene

Off-Grid Living: Take Care of Personal Hygiene 

The vast majority of people want to be clean and hygienic. Daily showers or baths (sometimes more than one!), multiple hand washings, and brushing teeth a couple times per day is the norm. If the grid goes down, we will still want to be clean, but it may get a little more difficult to do so. Here are a few things to remember about off-grid personal hygiene. Proper Hand Washing Many people wash their hands ineffectively. It is critical in …

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checklist for evacuations

Make an Evacuation Checklist

You wake with a start in the middle of the night. Someone is banging on your front door. A gas main has broken one block over. You have 10 minutes to get out of your house. What do you do? An up-to-date checklist for evacuations is the key. How you respond to a scary scenario depends on a wide variety of things, but comes down to one key factor: How prepared are you to leave your house? During a wildfire event several …

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