Advice for new Survival Moms from those who have been around a while

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survival-mom-feature-preparedOver the past few months we’ve had some outstanding entries in our Survival Mom of the Month contest. Sadly, I haven’t been able to award all of them with prize packages but did want to acknowledge their words of wisdom.

Here are their answers to the question, “What advice do you have for new Survival Moms?” Thanks, ladies!

From Courtney: My best advice is that it’s okay to start small and to take baby steps towards preparedness. A lot of people are quick to give out checklists and say, “You need to go out and buy all of these items RIGHT NOW”, when in reality, it’s okay to start shopping the Buy One Get One Free deals and just keep a couple of extra cans of food on hand.

Maybe next week you can start planting a garden. Take a couple of classes on survival related topics. Stock up on books (hard copy, not e-books, preferably) that will help you through a difficult situation. Over time, you’ll be prepared and you’ll feel better about it.

From Sarah: It’s normal to get overwhelmed and panicked at first, to have the, “I am so unprepared!!!!” feeling. But that’s the jumping point. That’s the time when you make the decision to change and DO something about it instead of just obsessing.

It doesn’t need to be expensive. Water goes on sale often. Set a $5 a week goal. Use $5 a week or set it aside until you have enough for a major purchase. Just get started.

You can’t hunt or grow toilet paper. 🙂 Look for great sales and stock up. Utilize your garage rafters for items that won’t be effected by heat or cold (like TP and blankets or extra clothes).

Breathe. Pray. Thank God that you realized that you needed to prepare for something and then thank God that you have something in place, even if it’s only a weeks worth of food and water.

Yes, there will ALWAYS be more that you can do. Don’t forget to prepare for tomorrow but live for today. Matthew 6:34: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” This verse goes hand in hand with the woman of Proverbs 31. Prepare for tomorrow, but do not worry about it.

From Amy: Don’t wait until tomorrow! Start small but start now. Start planning how to organize what you have, what you need now and what changes you need to make this happen.

From Lisa: It took some work to communicate to my husband my concerns. He’s a trained Boy Scout, he knows what to do. 🙂 I had to remind him that I never made it out of Brownies. I didn’t know all that stuff about lighting fires and building shelters.

This clinched it for me. We’ve been paying off debt and listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio, who often quotes Proverbs 6:5: “Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of the fowler”. I went to my Bible to read it in context. The next line reads “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise”.

Discovering this site, and being encouraged by it, has made me be more organized in my prepping. It’s not just flashlights and candles for the next black out. That’s the biggest thing, read all you can, and get your ducks in a row. That’s empowering.

From Donna: 1. The fact that you are even thinking of becoming more prepared is a REALLY big step. Now, just keep walking forward.

2. Start small. It is so overwhelming when you first start, but remember, every little thing you do brings you peace and comfort.

3. Know that preparedness is not a destination, it is a journey. You will likely never arrive and feel that you are done, but be ready for a wonderful experience.

4. You are not alone. There are a lot of us who want to prepare not only for ourselves but to help others too. Work with those around you and the journey will be much less overwhelming.

From Sandi: Take it slow and steady. Focus on one skill at a time. Trying to do it all at once becomes overwhelming.

From Lezlie: My best advice would be to never let anyone make you feel like you are ‘crazy’ or a ‘worry wort’ or even a ‘hoarder’. If they can’t see that you do what you do out of love and for their safety, and you’re out of breath from trying to educate them, then smile and ignore Seek out other like minded people.and again….get to know your neighbors!

From Alanea: First, stop giving your family food from fast food chains. They are laden with addictive chemicals! And if a long term situation exists, you don’t want the stress of having your kids craving a happy meal and the ultimate tantrum that will ensue when you cant provide.

Also to prepare your kids, learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons. Every week we have “electricity free night”, (usually the same night as BBQ night). And now, because of D&D they actually look forward to it. Having card games and coloring books is all great, but what if you’re out of a light source, or having a light source is just not safe? D&D is a purely verbal game. According to my kids, I’m the best Dungeon Master EVER!!! I also do a lot of orienteering games with my kids disguised as treasure hunts. And my kids and I also have another good game, not hide and go seek, just hide. When we go on walks or are around town I randomly shout “HIDE” to them and they find cover wherever they can. They are getting really good. But never forget to talk to them. We aren’t scared, cause we are prepared!

From Jacqueline:  There is so much a Mom can do daily to be sure you’re ready for anything. Right down to a case of the stomach flu, you have a bucket with all supplies in one spot. I am in the process of really re-organizing because our needs are always changing. I am not the best at this, but I am getting good at it. I have gained so much knowledge that I think that is more valuable to me than my supplies. My skills on how to cook from scratch and having certain spices to sewing and crocheting along with my husbands labor skills we can fare pretty well. However, I am not to sure of myself. I am working on taking mental notes of those in my neighborhood and how we could pull together if need be.

As I said when I started out, I have encouraged more to start to do something by just talking a little bit about what I have learned with out letting people know exactly why. It is a small group right not that really know why I do this. It all started because I was laid off of my job. I thought I would always be working. So thank you Survival Mom, you inspired me and I have continued to do so as well!

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5 thoughts on “Advice for new Survival Moms from those who have been around a while”

  1. Great tips! Love learning from others and getting lots of ideas / thoughts. I will be sharing this with my readers on facebook today. Thanks to Lisa and all the survival moms here!

  2. I smiled so big with the D&D thing. My husband and I are avid gamers and he’s always trying to get our nerd friends into prepping with us. The joke is that as long as we’ve got food and shelter we’ll be good since as a group we can entertain ourselves FOREVER with just a book and some dice 😀

  3. about storing toilet paper in the garage: i read on another website that someone did that and his toilet paper turned to dust after a couple of years of high summer heat. don’t know if it’s true, but might be worth thinking about, at least if you live in a hot climate.

  4. RE: TP storing enough toilet paper for a short term emergency makes sense. but in a long term situation you WILL eventually run out, no matter how much you store. Learn to wipe your bottom other ways. Like using damp rags as toilet cloths.

  5. Great tips! I appreciate that there is some fun thrown in there! We keep a bit of chocolate and some playing cards in our emergency stores as well as tea for me as a comfort item 😉

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