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For Media and other book-related inquiries, please contact Jane Chong at HarperOne – [email protected], 415-477-4441.

Print Media

Interviews with Lisa can be found in print publications ranging from Phoenix Magazine, The Arizona Republic, Newsweek to international newspapers and magazines, such as Grazia (France), Southern Metropolis Weekly (China), and Irish Independence.

Television and Radio

Lisa is a popular guest on TV, radio, and podcasts, due to her wide range of expertise and ability to advise and entertain with anecdotes and real life tips. She has been seen on The Today Show, The Glenn Beck Show, WCBS-TV New York, National Public Radio, Clear Channel radio stations, and dozens of different podcasts.


Most recently, The New York Times included Lisa in “They Prepared For the Worst, Now Everyone’s a Prepper” (March, 2020) in their article, “How to Survive the Apocalypse” (2017), featured Lisa in, “When Doomsday Arrives, These Women Will Be Ready,” and BuzzFeed featured a story by Anne Helen Peterson that profiled Lisa, her family, and her down-to-earth prepper advice. Gen Medium recently published a story called “Advice from a Prepper Mom on Surviving the Unthinkable” featuring practical tips and resources from Lisa and her blog. Other interviews and feature stories can be found on the Allstate blog, Publishers Weekly, Yahoo, CafeMom, Mom Logic, and dozens of others.

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