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  1. Has the Survival Mom addressed ways newcomers to a community can speed becoming part of the community, get to know people? Church is a given but w/no kiddos in the home it’s slow. The community is northern Colorado Springs but I’m not sure that’s a factor in/of itself. Thanks. And if the answer is ‘no’, like your site and offerings.

    1. The Survival Mom

      I probably have. LOL There are over 1700 articles on this site and I don’t remember all of them. 🙂

      Try looking for meetup.com groups in your area that get together to talk about gardening, beekeeping, canning, gardening– any skill related to self-reliance. Also, sign up for a CERT class and get very involved with your local emergency responder network through that group. I get regular invitations to participate in other classes and get training in other areas. Also, my old CERT coordinator keeps me in the loop whenever various emergency notices go out.

      Red Cross or a similar group loves volunteers and you can get to know other people who are like-minded.

      The problem is actually bigger than just getting to know people — it’s knowing who you can trust. That’s a much bigger issue and there’s no short answer for that. Keep your private information private. Don’t volunteer what you have or what your plans are. Meet people at locations other than your home. Just because someone calls themselves a “prepper” doesn’t mean they have the same values as you. If you still had kids at home, how well would you have to know someone before you left your kids with them for a weekend?


      A very long time! Arriving at that level of trust, mutually, is a long time coming.

  2. How will people survive if the covid-19 vaccine is required and with out it people won’t be able to work or buy or sell and may not have any survival supplies or access to water since they won’t be able to pay utilities or buy food and such?

    1. The Survival Mom

      Gina, it’s highly possible there will not be a vaccine, since, to my knowledge, no vaccine has ever been developed for any coronavirus. We don’t have a vaccine for the virus that causes the common cold, either, nor for HIV. At this point worrying about a mandatory vaccine is pointless. Spend your mental energy and focus on being overall prepared with a growing food storage pantry, learning skills to preserve food, and finding ways to become more self-reliant no matter where you live. In regards to the coronavirus, what can you do to build your own immune system and those of your family’s? What can you do to become healthier, which ultimately is your first line of defense against the virus.

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